It’s quite a daunting task, trying to find somewhere to rent. Lakewood, CO is a pretty, scenic and lush location, close to a thriving commercial and industrial sector and pretty much the perfect place you can ask for when it comes to somewhere to rent. Lakewood, CO is peaceful and experiences very little crime during the course of the year, but there are still safety precautions you should take to ensure you don’t fall victim to the odd criminal act. Rental security is a serious business, especially since as a renter, you require everything you have in your possession. Being the victim of a robbery or a home break-in can be disastrous, especially if you don’t have insurance, as so few renters do. Here are a couple tips to keep you on your toes:


Research Crime Activity for the Area


Although most of the county is peaceful, there are the hot-spots in each residential area. Proper research can ensure that you don’t fall prey to the wrong element. It’s very easy to do a search, using the powerful tools of Google and asking a few questions of the local residents. A site visit of the apartment will put it in perspective, regarding the neighborhood it is in and what you can expect as someone who will be living there.  Proper research will ensure you don’t get into an untenable situation where you’re renting.


Observe the Apartment’s Upkeep


There are few things that turn a great place into a hovel like an unconcerned landlord. Keeping an eye out for broken windows, unpainted walls or cracked drywall sections can show a lack of concern by the owner and can lead to a lot of security concerns later down. Having screen doors and windows repaired on time is crucial to making sure your apartment isn’t just a break-in waiting to happen. Taking the time to find out these small details can save you some trouble later down with a deadbeat landlord.


All in all, making sure your surroundings are safe and your apartment is secure are the most major concerns for a renter. Installing a deadbolt or a couple latch locks in addition to the door handle and lock that already exists on the doors may be an added protection in the event that you’re renting in a seedy area. Taking these precautions will ensure that you remain safe and secure in a well-kept apartment when the time comes.


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