Technology has become a ubiquitous part of our lives. In an urban setting it will be difficult to find people who are not techno savvy or those who do not depend on technology in their daily lives. Mobile devices and modern technology has been making an appearance in the classrooms as well. Educational institutions are now adapting new techniques to impart education to students and mobile devices are making the job very easy for them. However, using modern technology in the classroom has its advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of technology in the classroom:

  • Mobile devices combined with the information that is supplied by the internet gives students the ability to learn a lot. Children are often born into a world that has a particular set of ideas. Access to the internet can give them a lot of information that is outside the bubble that they live in. This can help to expand their horizons.
  • When students carry mobile devices it is a source of solace for the parents. They can rest assured that if any emergency arises, the children will be able to contact them. State of the art mobile devices have GPS sensors that can help in even locating the exact place if children get stranded.
  • Children can get instant answers to a majority of their queries. There may be a few children who are reluctant to ask questions in class. They can immediately search on the internet for the answers to their doubts.
  • Technology in the classroom also gives students a wide access to the wealth of videos and images on the internet. Speeches by great leaders, human developments in the field of science, travel etc, are some of the information that are available in video format. This makes learning fun and engages the student like never before.
  • Social media is a way by which students can interact with their peers and discuss their subjects. Students who are not good at mingling socially can also learn a lot this way. More importantly they can see various advertisement for essay writing services and it will greatly help them to choose a best one while getting their tough academic works and panic situations.

Cons of technology in the classroom:

  • Long term exposure to digital devices can have harmful effects on children. Having a video screen in front of one’s eyes for extended periods of time can have harmful consequences.
  • While there is a wealth of useful information on the internet, there are also some sites that have obscene and vulgar content. Even though the school may have a secure system, some inappropriate sites may get through the security.
  • Using digital devices in school can increase the exposure that students have towards cyber bullies. Cyber bullying is a very serious issue and it can pose danger to the students.
  • Excessive use of mobile devices and technology for learning causes disconnect within the children to the wonders of nature. Face-to-face communication becomes very difficult and students may well become misfits in the society.

While it is true that the use of technology in the classroom is a good trend, it also has its pitfalls. The networks in the school must be secure and free from inappropriate content. Students must be taught to use technology responsibly and also must know online safety. They should have a sound judgment and use technology in a judicious manner.