You may have heard the term haptic technology before. This is technology that, for instance, makes a videogame controller react to the action on the screen by giving a physical stimuli. As your helicopter crashes, for example, your joystick may vibrate and shudder to indicate that you’re about to have a disaster.

For quite a while, researchers have been working on ways to use this more creatively. For example, by using haptic technology, people could, according to an article in Wired, be able to feel a fabric on an e-commerce site before they decide to buy a garment. This would require equipment such as gloves and other devices that would work as human interface technology.

What could this mean for sex toys? Quite a bit, actually. For some time now, there has been research going on into making sex toys that would allow people to touch one another over the Internet.

While any sex toy can increase feelings of intimacy, it does seem clear that being able to literally reach out to a lover across a long-distance could keep people from feeling too far apart when they are separated by work or for other reasons. This area of technology is one in which a great deal of development is currently being done.