There’s no place for people who always think negative about situations or happenings in their life. Majority of people understand the good vibes that comes with positive thinking in our lives. Focus your mind on a desired goal positively. This will make it simpler and motivates you to work harder towards accomplishing that desired goal. Enabling for you to think positively, you must clear all the negative thoughts inside your head. However, you may not find it simple to clear all the negative thoughts in your mind for positive thoughts have their way. Here are some animes for you to enjoy and start thinking positive.

Fairy Tail:



Magicians group together build with love, trust and family oriented guild where each life depends on each other. It will make you cry and smile. Humorous acts by specific characters to keep alive and relieve from stress while watching hundred of episodes. It revolves on the guild who is moved by trusting each other. Understanding the feeling of each members and finding a solution in every problem. It build hopes and confidence in you. Looking at the character experiencing tremendous lose but still fighting because they know there are people behind their backs supporting and relying on them. Trust and loyalty highlighted on this anime. Where good always prevail and bad intentions never get what they want.




A ninja who was deprived with parents love and outcast by the community. Living in the shadow for a long time where no one accept him but still continue to live on with his life. This is where you can look at the lives of certain people who experiencing the same feeling. This boy did his best to acquire friends who he knows worth keeping. Touching lives of people with his heroic act. Unselfishness and loving the people around him. Giving without expecting in return. This anime will motivate you that doing little things should not be taken for granted. Nonetheless adds something on your goal in keeping your dreams closer to you. Even though you experience such a big blow in your life still finding a way to smile and encourage people that hopes never fade.


One Piece:




A story of a pirate boy who dreams to become the great pirate of his era. A young boy full of dreams, never accept failures to bring him down, accept challenges and care for his “Nakama” or simply friends above his life. A boy who treasure his family. Chose to do the difficult task on his own because he care to much about his friends. A man of word and a man who makes the people around him better. It will inspire you how much he is willing to take to reach his dreams. Doesn’t think twice doing impossible missions. A boy who believe that every problem has a solution. Telling us that we need to enjoy the adventure that life is giving us. Be persistent in doing what we love and never feel alone because friends will gonna be there when you needed them.


Watching these will change your outlook about life. Take a good look on your life start a stress free journey to success. There’s no impossible if you keep trying. Tell yourself that you can achieve everything you want and believe that. Thinking positively about your life show one direction of your path and that is success. Positive thinking create opportunities.



Paige Donahue is a student writer working at au essay who loves to share and express her opinions about different topics. You can visit her on Twitter and Google+. Check her blogs at The Very Last Paige.