For a student with little knowledge of essay writing and less of writing skills, a custom essay is indeed manna from the heavens. But, sadly speaking, there is always possibilities of being betrayed and tricked into seeking essay writing assignments from unscrupulous and dishonest websites advertisements promising a hoard of services but all in vain. Under such circumstances, it is the student who needs to take necessary care and precautions before putting his money and trust on online essay writing sites. A few guidelines could indeed help guileless students to avoid being trapped by rapacious websites promising a lot but delivering practically nothing. Here they are:

  1. Always check the antecedents and background of the online essay writing site before making any commitments. The reputation of the essay wring company, the number of years they have been in service, what they promise (huge claims are indeed hoaxes) and what the reviews comment about their services. One could even ask one’s friends and fellow students about this site and its authenticity.  Whether they reply promptly and are available 24×7 are also other factors to be taken into consideration. Test them thoroughly before investing money in advertised custom build essay providing services.
  2. Whether they do provide 100% original and non plagiarized work. The initial outline may be excellent but the final paid paper may be much below par in quality, contents and in dynamics of good writing. The student should ask for full work samples before placing the order, and should make sure the samples correspond to the writer and the company. Draft Outlines may be very useful but they are not cent percent foolproof.
  3. Check their payment terms. If they require bank particulars and credit card details, call the deal off. They are hoax companies who would take your money and go without even a polite” goodbye”. Any custom essay writer company who asks for bank and credit card particulars are scams and must be avoided like a plague.
  4. Service must be able to provide regular and effective communication. The success of custom essay writing is build upon regular and frequent interactions. If they do not answer emails or pick up telephone calls, they are not worth investing in
  5. The essay writing company should prove they can do the job, does it excellently and within specified delivery time. Any company could lay claims to writing well, but only a select few could do the job thoroughly and excellently. It is necessary to chose wisely and with discernment and make wise decisions backed by evidences.
  6.  Finally, company should be able to make revisions and reworks if and when necessary. Feedbacks and revisions are essential aspects of custom essay writing services. While most essays may be impressive, they do need some niggles to be sorted out to provide a flawless and perfect paper. A line to be deleted here and a phrases to be inserted there= these  are common occurrences that need to be treated promptly and pleasantly.  .

To round things up, from a student’s perspective, gaining a custom built essay is indeed saving a great deal of time, efforts and late night stands. But the student also needs to make sure that his money is well invested with handsome returns and he could also count on this company alone for all future requirements for writing needs. It is unwise to  blame the profession of custom built essay writing companies if a student  has had a bad experience with just one of them. As they say, one swallow does not make a summer.