While running a retailer, one of the most common areas of loss is through theft and shop-lifting. To prevent this, you’ll need several effective security measures to make life difficult from any would be thieves and burglars. Below, we’ll list three of the most essential so you can protect your products during business hours and after you’ve shut up shop. Investing in these features will help you reduce any losses you get from stolen goods in the future.

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1) CCTV Cameras

It is human nature to be on better behaviour if you know someone’s watching. After all, you’d never act the same as you would at home when you’re outside! The same applies to thieves in your store. Install some closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems in your shop and let any miscreants know that you’re watching them carefully. The good news is that commercial security cameras are affordable and easy to install! When choosing these devices, you’ll notice that there are a number of different models available. This means you’ll have to choose from the following features:

  • Wired or wireless
  • Pan, tilt and zoom
  • Live or recorded footage
  • Wide angle lenses

First work out where you are going to install these cameras and then talk to the experts to find out which models will be most suitable for your store surveillance.

2) Commercial Shutters

When you’re out of the shop, you should make it as difficult as possible for someone to break in. Whether you have a glass shop-front or some wooden doors, installing some metal shutters is highly recommended. Choosing a rolling model is a smart choice too, as they can be neatly stored away when you open your shop each day. If possible, seek a locally based supplier of quality electric roller garage doors as well since this will make opening and closing your store so much more convenient. It also means someone can’t just cut the lock and roll up the shutters too; they will need the remote to actually gain entrance. When shopping for these security solutions, look for the following features:

  • Custom made size and thickness
  • See-through or solid designs
  • Remote or switch controlled
  • External face and reveal fittings

Again, you should discuss the different models with someone who specialises in these doors and then find out which one of these best suits your current retail setup.

3) Tag and Alarm Systems

Our last security feature is here to protect your goods from being shoplifted while your business is open. The tag and alarm system consists of an electronic tag that you attach to your products and a sensor alarm located at the entrance. If someone attempts to steal an item without first getting the tag removed at the cashier, the alarm will sound and the shoplifter will be detected immediately. Retail research has shown that theft can be reduced by 60% with a reliable tag and alarm system. Combining this with some visible CCTV cameras can reduce this risk even further. Once more, there are many different varieties available when it comes to tag and alarm systems, some having more benefits than others. From the size of the exit/entrance to the frequency band used, you’ll need to check a variety of features to find the perfect system.

With these three security systems within your store, you can then relax under the knowledge that you’ve reduced the risk of theft as much as you can. The money you’ve had to spend installing cameras, shutters and electronic tags will be paid back by the lower amounts of stolen products and the associated financial losses that you then experience later on.