2013 has been a year full of events in terms of SEO updates from Google. This has lead to many people to believe that SEO profession is dead. Well, Google has been working to build up strong strategies to fight spam that has led to the revision of the SEO strategies. This revision has shifted the performance field for SEOs and as well for people who are trying hard to get their website on the chart in 2014.The backdrop is highly competitive and at the same time the requirement for the online presence is stronger than ever. The gray hat SEO tactic like duplicating content, cloaking, paid links and automated social media no longer works.The  professionals SEO companies need to have a vision that is more robust.

Improved strategies:

If you thoroughly the updates that have been made in 2013, the tactics that the SEO professional used to trick to make the website reach the top of the rankings, you can still do that in 2014 by making little changes in Panda and penguin. The high quality of the content still remains significant.

Focus on Content

What used to be a catchphrase before will be full grown. Yes, the content. Google will be highly focused on the company that has a strong content marketing and Google will be in full support to them. There are various benefits of a good content. If you are using the content strategy, the regularly updated content will be helpful and will target your audience. Due to regular updating, there will be regular conversations, comment, review, sharing, and tweet and that will lead to social signals. This will keep for site alive and it will grow. The approach is same. The changes that you will be making in 2014 depends what is the current position of the company in relevance with content marketing strategy. It’s high time that you need to make your content marketing diverse.

Role of Social Media

Social media has always played a significant role in online marketing. You must have noticed Facebook, Twitter, pinterest, instagram, and many more. Facebook has formed as one of the mega platform for social media. The major trend these days is to go diverse. You don’t have to stick to a single social network. Studies have shown that successful marketers are active in at least 6 to 7 networks. So the SEOs will have to ask themselves, are they using the tools of the social media marketing seriously? Can your content be shared easily on social networks?  Is your company active on the networks that are important for the industry? Is the company active on the networks that are most preferable by the target audience? Are you active on the social networks that are search engine’s favorite?


To strengthen your social media marketing it is essential that you are active in Google +

Mobile Friendly Website

The year 2014 will be the year of mobile SEO. Google is in the continuous struggle to modify the SEO strategies parallel to mobile devices as they understand that people are rapidly shifting towards smart phones and tablets. That means that the performance of your website on mobile devices will matter a lot to your SEO rankings. So, you need to make your website well optimized for the mobile.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging has been and will continue to remain the best way to build quality inbound links, traffic, and branding in the year 2014.