When it comes to find the best talent in order to fill the top positions there are a number of different ways in which you can approach this. By having a strategy as well as a vision you will be able to recruit top talent for whatever company or sector you may be in. From a newly founded start up to an established brand, our co-workers and talent are considered to be the most important facet of any enterprise. But how do you go about finding the crème de la crème for your workforce?

Best Positions
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Word of mouth

You cannot underestimate the power of word of mouth. In this way you can have the chance to take advantage of who really is the best talent thanks to recommendations from others. After all someone else’s suggestions could prove to be an incredibly influential tool especially when looking to hire an individual. The best word of mouth sources to help you find the best talent include;

• Friends
• Family.
• Former work colleagues.

Social media

Another area where you can find the best talent is through social media. This phenomenon has been growing over the last few years, so much so that people not to mention companies are turning to these types of engines in order to sort out the wheat from the chaff. In addition to this, social media can be an extremely powerful tool in order to;

• Obtain a quick and easy way to communicate with leading candidates.
• Direct message someone to establish a potential professional relationship.
• Keep in touch if there any opportunities which may arise in the long term.


In today’s society there are a host of sites on the web where you will be able to search for the best talent for your company or business. One of the toughest industries to find people in is finance. Not only is the market saturated with applications but it demands nothing but the finest crop of talent. By seeking out and signing up to numerous accountancy recruitment agencies online you will be able to find the best talent and interview only the best candidates that may fit your particular roles. No matter which industry you are looking to recruit in, online strategies is an essential part of finding key talent.


Another useful way to find talent is largely in part down to good old fashioned networking. Casting the net wide is imperative as the more you attend meetings and functions the more likelihood you may find someone. On the other hand, if you are focused and go to networking seminars and functions in your industry you can;

• Have the ability to meet likeminded individuals.
• Engage and interact with prospective candidates.
• Enjoy the ideal way to meet new people in a relaxed environment.


This is where you may find the talent of the future. Small and large businesses can achieve great success if they decided to go down the university route of finding people. In essence, this means oowners and managers can turn up at a wide variety of career fairs, whilst at the same time asking career centres on campus to refer potential candidates. Other areas in which you can help yourself feature;

• Posting roles on job boards
• Being involved on email newsletters which get sent directly to students or recent graduates.
• Advertising roles on campus for interns or work partnerships with affiliated universities.

At present, you can choose from a wealth of options as far as finding the best talent is concerned. If you pool your resources and expand your choices, it will certainly stand you in good stead