People that have experienced a catastrophic event of some kind may want to visit a San Diego personal injury attorney. This can also be true for people that have had a medically related injury due to a substance or material or the actions of another person.


Vehicle accidents of all kinds


This kind of law practice frequently works with clients that have been in auto wrecks. These can be ones that are serious and leave people with lifelong problems. There are also ones that are minor in comparison to others but leave people with a string of problems such as not being able to return to work quickly or an insurance company that does not offer a just settlement.


While car accidents are common, there are other kinds of vehicle accidents that can leave people with horrendous injuries, the kinds that are completely life changing. Among these can be contact with a big rig, a dune buggy accident that occurs out in the desert or a motorcycle accident. Other catastrophic kinds involve cars and bicycles. These accidents leave people in pain, possibly crippled permanently and in need of help for medical bills and other expenses. One issue that people face in these events is having money to pay regular bills like mortgages and car payments. There can also be the issue of whether or not a person will be able to return to work and if so, when. Sometimes these injuries take a long time to heal, if at all. In these cases, some restitution needs to be provided for the person to cover these expenses. Sadly, it will take an attorney in many cases to get this taken care of.


Medical malpractice


Bad things can happen as a result of seeing a doctor. This can be due to a surgery or a complicated birth. While people want to believe that doctors always give people the right result, the fact is that accidents happen here too. There can be cases of doctors making a wrong decision or acting in a careless manner that impacts the outcome for the patient. When this happens, the patient may need the assistance of a personal injury attorney.


Other kinds of medical problems can occur from prescription drug use. While drugs have to undergo a significant amount of testing before being released to the public for use. A case in point was a popular drug for dieting that caused heart problems for some users. There can always be a need to consult accident attorneys for a medication that has a harmful result.