You will find that blackjack is a card game that is different from most of other casino games. There are other card games that are being played in the Casinos with a defined house edge. This game has no house edge defined for the players. You can win a card game if you understand the game properly. The deck or set of cards that are left to be dealt may contain high cards. These hi lo counting of cards are important, and you gotten to understand them. If you have high cards, the players can win. If the cards are low cards, the dealer should be happy.


Think as investors

If you are a regular player in blackjack then you must know the way to win by using the basic strategies. This hi lo card counting will give you an edge over the other players. You should find the urge to make money and save the winnings. The conservation of resources is also a part of the urge of winning. You should analyze the opportunities and try to bring about a positive return with this method of card counting. You must think as an investor. You should choose to invest and keep your patience.


Assigning a value to the cards

You will find that you need to calculate and take risks. You should not think of depending on luck. You cannot show off your calculating power. You must keep a running count of high cards to low cards. The information that you gather after the tallying of the cards can thus be used while you are playing on the board. The cards are not memorized when you count them. You assign a value to each of the cards that are dealt.

There are three types of card counters and all of these apply different card counting strategies while on the game. The spotter is the one who keeps counting the cards of a table until the table is hot. He signals the other counters called gorilla or the big player. The gorilla gets signal from the spotter and starts betting in huge volume. He leaves when the spotter signals again. The big player gets a word from the spotter that is actually a signal. He starts betting while keeping the count. The counting will inform you when you have the advantage or when the casino player is in a better position. You can invest more money when the advantage is on you and earn more profits.