This summer, as you wander with your pets, take note of few important reminders.

  • Your pooch needs some prepping too. If they are not used to traveling then give them some training. Take them to short travels before setting out for your major trip.
  • Prepare your dog’s ID. They should be wearing it even when you’re holding them with a leash. Include your name as well as contact number. See to it as well that your dog’s tag is durable. The information should be clear.
  • Your furry friend should be updated with necessary immunizations. When traveling with your pet by plane, chances are you will be required to present a medical certificate for your dog stating that they’re in healthy. This means it is best to leave your pet under the care of someone you trust if they are sick, and are needing of regular medication. This person has to be familiar with your dog’s everyday routine.
  • Always book through phone. May that be about accommodation or flight reservations. This way, you will be able to talk to an actual person, and receive answers to your inquiries real time. And since your concern is about taking with you an additional companion that may need special treatment, verify head on company rules. Should you bring your own crate or carrier where they can stay?
  • Extreme temperature is another factor you should watch out for. Ensure your car is in good shape to avoid it from overheating. You will be traveling on a sweltering weather so you need to ensure your furry passenger feels comfortable inside the car.
  • And, never leave them when you park your car. The temperature can increase fast which is very dangerous for your pet. Opening the window wouldn’t help. In addition, even when they seem to be having fun, don’t let them peek with their head out the window on a moving vehicle. This is so to protect them from flying debris.
  • Keep them safe and secured instead in craters.
  • Know that feeling when write my essay, or any writing output for that matter and cannot seem to translate your thoughts to words? Describing your pet vividly, at some point, may feel that way. Make sure that you have recent photos of your pet so in case they got lost, you can easily inquire from people whether they have spotted your pooch. This shall save you time and sanity.
  • Find the right timing to taking your pooch out for play. They can be highly susceptible to heat stroke and other conditions caused by excessive exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Pack food, water and more. It pays that you bring extra food in case the travel gets dragged unexpectedly. It also isn’t safe to have your pooch drink just anywhere so bring your own water container. When it comes to mealtimes, do not feed them when the vehicle is moving. At least ensure that they had their snacks two to three hours before you start to get moving again.
  • If your neighbors have no idea you’ve brought your furry friend with you, try to let it stay that way. Keep the secret. Do not let your pooch roam around, so you can as well avoid engaging in unnecessary discussions.

And since you know you cannot sacrifice your pet’s health,  conduct an advance search about  veterinarians within the vicinity. Note not just their contact numbers, but include as well driving directions or alternate routes to going to their clinic.


Author Bio:

Nettie Gray has one important rule when taking her pooch to travels – Her travel buddy should be someone who knows and loves her pet as much as she does.