These days, around half of the population is suffering from hair loss. A number of practitioners appear with a promise to restore hair and give our self-esteem back to us. There is no harm in taking hair loss treatment as most of us treat our hair as an asset and to maintain the well-being of our hair is one of the prime responsibilities. However, we need to be careful while choosing the best hair treatment for us as this industry is known as the vanity-driven. Let’s explore some facts:


Hair Loss


  • The androgenic hair loss is quite common among women as well as at some point of time in their lives.
  • Treatments for putting a complete stop to hair loss, slowing it down and even reversing it completely are available around us.
  • It is up to the type of hair falling that which treatment would prove to be suitable such as shampoos, conditioners or sometimes tablets are also required to be added.

The best and the most common treatments for hair loss:


Numerous hair loss treatments are available in the form of shampoos, conditioners, tablets and home remedies. If the person who is suffering from severe hair falling has explored the causes so it would be easy for him to adopt the treatments. Different remedies of hair loss are:


Hair Loss Treatment


Shampoos and Conditioners:

A broad variety of hair conditioners and shampoos are accessible that have been clinically approved to control hair loss. All you need is just to find out the best hair loss products as per the texture of your hair. For instance, a person having dry hair would require different products as compared to a person with oily hair. There are multiple reliable brands like Eaurganic, Fast and Nisim.

Hair Loss Shampoo


Hair Loss Tablets:

People who are suffering from critical loss of hair will have to take hair loss tablets as well as only external treatment would not be sufficient for them. There are tablets for men, women and some tablets can be consumed by both. Some of them are:


Hair Loss Tablets



This tablet controls the hair thinning issues in men as it blocks the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is a main cause of hair loss in men. This hormone might lead to complete hair loss due to the thinning of hair follicles.

mtDNA 7 for women:

It works to revitalize the hair follicles and strengthens the possibility of hair regrowth in women. This tablet combats the most common reasons of women hair loss like alopecia or hereditary thinning. With the prescribed consumption of this medicine, women of different age can expect to keep a check on hair fall.

nDNA 8 for men:

Men find it very effective as it comes with incredible solutions by curbing the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) a hormone which adversely affects men’s hair. Androgenetic Alopecia is considered one of the major causes of men hair thinning. This tablet is powerful to control the untimely hair fall.

Finasteride (Propecia):

Finasteride (Propecia) is defined as a prescription medicine that is generally consumed in order to cure an enhanced prostate. It plays a vital role in blocking one of two enzymes that are responsible for empowering testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It ensures faster hair growth and stimulates this process effectively.
Other than medical therapies, one can also adopt some useful natural ways to put a full stop on hair fall. Have a glance over some helpful tips like:


Hair Loss diet


  • High stress level must be avoided and you should ensure ample nourishments in your diet that is essential for faster hair growth.
  • You are advised not to comb hair when they are wet as hair in wet condition, likely to be weak and fall faster.
  • Tight hair styling, use of so many hair pins and unsafe spray should be avoided.
  • It must be your first responsibility to keep your hair clean by giving them regular wash.

Final Words:

After going through this blog, you must have come to know that hair loss treatment is not a subject to handle with a single process. But, it is a procedure that requires combining everything such as hair loss products, tablets and natural methods as well. What to use and how to use is the thing which differs from person to person as everyone suffers from different problems.