Save Money Saving money can be difficult for people of all ages, and the student population will certainly find it even more of a struggle with budgets stretched to the limit trying to balance living and partying the student way. But what if you have an array of grand plans for your gap year? Chances are you need to get saving, which is much more difficult than it sounds!

Evidently life does get in the way of your objectives when saving but how can you save relatively pain-free to get the money together for you to spend that gap year somewhere hot and sunny? Check out these 4 ways to save from the personal statement writing professionals at Personal Statement Help…

Cut Your Fuel Costs

Look for a more economical way to get about rather than using your motor, after all the price of petrol is always on the rise. Improve your finances and your health by investing in a bike, and using this to travel to places that you visit every day like your campus or the local shops, it could save you hundreds!

Go Pay-As-You-Go

Phone contracts can be very highly priced, in fact the best deals can be found when running a mobile on pay-as-you-go. Instead of paying a set amount each month (plus the charges that add up if you tend to use your phone more than you should), pay for the calls you make and the messages you send for a contract-free way of keeping in touch. This can be perfect if you don’t use your phone too often.

Shop Savvy

Shopping sensibly in our next saving tip and you can do just that by taking a list to the supermarket on every trip. People who take and stick to a list are less likely to spurgle. Also, aim to shop just once a week, people who go to the store every few days for a couple of ‘bits’ are in danger of going seriously over budget!

Sell, Sell, Sell

Sell belongings that you don’t use on sites like eBay to turn a profit. If you haven’t used a tech product or worn an item of clothing for the past year, consider selling it! Cutting the clutter can be the perfect way of getting some dosh together for that gap year trip.

This article was written by Personal Statement Help, a service that helps students at all stages of their education to get further with their personal statement writing guidance.