The windows in your home can often be a focal point so it’s a good idea to dress them nicely – they can completely alter the mood and style of a room. I pay particular attention to the windows in my home and my friends’ joke that I change my curtains more than I change my socks!

I find that curtains draw a room together so selecting the right style is really important. If you’re not sure where to start, take a look online at the different options available and they’ll give you a bit of inspiration and a startingpoint. Remember to choose curtains that will complement the rest of your home … if your home is traditional, modern curtains will not look right.

Keep in mind that the colour of your curtains can make a massive difference to the room they’re in. Darker curtains will make a room feel smaller so if you’re short on space, go for brighter curtains to open up a room. I like to make a feature out of the curtains in my home, but if you’re after an understated look then I suggest going for neutral curtains with a plain design that aren’t going to stand out.  If you want to make your curtains pop, opt for bright colours and loud patterns – they’re the perfect way to add a splash of colour to your home.

Curtains are available in a variety of different fabrics. When you’re selecting what material you want to buy your curtains in, remember that heavy curtains like chenille can bring a really luxurious feel to a room, silk curtains are really classy and cotton curtains come in some really funky prints will add a fun element to your home.

If you’re keen to create a sophisticated look in your home then go for floor length curtains to make a window look elegant and tall. One of my top tips is to put the curtain pole higher on the wall if your window is small and you want to open up the room – this will make the window look bigger than it is.

Window dressings don’t have to cost a fortune and you’ll find some nice designs on the internet and on the high street that will work well in your home … shop around to find a good deal and keep your eye on online retailer’s websites for special offers. I change my curtains so frequently that I like to look out for good offers!

Once you’ve decided on the right pair of curtains, find some nice tie backs to match them. I like to use delicate sparkly tie backs to add a touch of glamour to my home … I think they look gorgeous!

I also like to put net curtains up at my windows – I think they make a room look homely and they’re really practical too. They allow me to see out of my home but won’t let prying eyes see in – when I have them up at my windows, my home feels safer!

The products reviewed here are from Tonys Textiles