resume101Fresh from college, you are now ready to enter the professional industry.

However, you feel worried. You think your resume lacks appeal as you are yet to build work background. And everyone around tells you that employers are after experienced applicants. Keep up the faith. Do not think you have no chances of getting hired.

Here are few suggestions so you can boost your resume even when you have no job experience to note down.


Focus on  your skills.

Everyone has skills.

You probably have not experienced working a full-time job and being assigned a particular position, yet you still can compete with the rest of applicants. Emphasize your strengths. Think carefully about your accomplishments.

Were you part of the university school paper editorial staff? Your writing skills must be impeccable. Did you, by any chance, organize a fundraising activity for the benefit of the needy? You probably were able to exceed your targets. Did you represent the university in a competition or seminar perhaps for future leaders? That is one good sign you possess leadership skills.

If you are having a hard time thinking which to write, you can always consult people who know you well. They might be able to name skills they believe you possess, along with particular instances you demonstrated them.


Make it specific.

You know you cannot state your skills in narrative form. You need to make them as concise  as possible to fit the expected format for a resume.

Hiring officers do not have all the time to read through lengthy paragraphs. Specifics shall help your resume stand out especially that job applicants today are notorious for stating generic sentences.

It wouldn’t have that much impact to say that you joined a write my paper contest. These people reading your resume perhaps also did. But if you mention that it is a nationwide competition joined by 250 students and you made it to the second place, then that could capture attention and add weight to your resume.


Let your personality shine through.

Beef up your resume by including a list of your hobbies and interests. If you get lucky, you might even forge instant connections with the hiring personnel for having similar penchant.

Never make up stories though. No one gets away with it for long. Success is sweeter after all when you know you deserve it.

With that, ensure that you can validate every information you have listed on your resume. The interviewer might ask you to talk about the latest novel you read since you proclaimed yourself a bookworm. Yet, you cannot name not even a single classic you completed.

Above all, demonstrate professionalism. Scented papers and curly typefaces have no place in resumes. This isn’t scrapbook you are making. Also, write a cover letter. Speak in your own voice so the recruitment team can have a grasp of your personality.

Do not underestimate your worth just because you lack job experience. For sure, there must be something in you that others do not have, and which can serve as your edge.




Author Bio:

Nettie Gray struggled finding a full-time job after college graduation. Companies would look for work experiences. She finally got in to one, thanks to volunteering missions she joined. The company apparently loves giving back too.