One of the things that you will be looking for when hunting for the best CRM online is the pricing. Don’t let this worry you too much because there are so many options for you, but note that the cheapest is not necessarily the worst, just like the costliest is not necessarily the best. However, if this is the first system that you are looking for, it can be hard to know the best price to pay. Here, we will see what features could raise or lower the price of the CRM vendor.

CRM online can be a bit costly as it is hosted, meaning that it is managed by a team that ensures that you know when there are updates available. They also ensure that the on-time guarantee is adhered to and they fix any bugs. They will make sure that you are always available, 24/7 to your clients, suppliers and others. While the on-premise CRM could have some downtimes due to your servers going down for maintenance, the online provider usually has many servers located in many countries and that ensures that you are always online. Customers hate downtimes or “try again later”-s and that is why you need only the best.

SAAS is where the CRM providers are focusing all their attention. You will be surprised to learn that even some of the software giants that you know have gone ahead and started providing these services. Sometimes, it feels good and safe when you are backed by a good name. It may cost you more than what the newbies offer, but you will know they are in business to stay. Therefore, when you are buying from the well-known providers, go for it without fear. Remember that with CRM becoming the backbone of sales and marketing in all organizations, it has become very vital to invest in the best.

Most CRM online services are subscription based and their charges are per month. However, for most of them the storage is already set and therefore to get more storage, you would have to pay the asked price per GB. If you want to know whether the pricing is fair, you will have to compare several providers and see what they charge. Most importantly though, remember that it is not all about the price, but the features are also very important. It would be better to pay more money for more features than to pay less money for fewer features.

If you are doing the on-premise CRM, you will have to find out about the license costs from the providers. These vary from one provider to the other. Simply said, there are thousands of reasons why the online SAAS is better. There are no hardware costs, no IT costs or added duties, no licenses and no servers to think about. You just have to pay the monthly subscription fee and your system will be up and running in a few hours, the same day.

Go for the CRM online ( if you would like to save time and money. The integration with your existing systems will be very fast.