Are you looking for job in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or any other important corporate location of the United Arab Emirates then make sure that you have prepared yourself well. Affirm a day before the interview that you have revised the chapters, your formals are done and you carry high confidence with well-equipped resume; yes make sure that you have not compromised with your resume and have provided all vital details in it.

Most reputed companies receive plethora of job applications and many of them are chucked out from the initial rounds, and the worst part is that these rejected resumes are not even read once. If you are putting all hard attempts and is an eligible candidate for the job you applied for then make sure that you do all possible to make your resume read.

Here are important tips which you can just practice to make your resume noticeable and escalate it to other higher levels.

Important things which you can do to make your resume read

If you are planning to settle in the jobs abroad especially looking for employment opportunities in U.A.E then there are many important things you can give heed to.

Find Your Contacts: – If you applying in an organization then try to find some important contacts in the hierarchy. Go through the contact list of the organization and check for known persons you might come across. This will help you to mention the referral name while filling the outline. You can request that specific colleague or friend has mentioned about the vacancy in the organization, this can help you to escape the trash can, while applying for online applications.

Homework: – Before appearing for the online interview for any of the gulf jobs, affirm to do all your homework. Go through the website of the organization, read the main page and other scroll down other pages. Give a careful glance to the position you are applying for and the key roles related to the profile, also check if any history is mentioned and the miles stones pertaining to the profiles.  Some organizations have explicit language to follow, some carry specific phrases, pick these organizational vernaculars and acquaint to all vital information published on the company’s website.

Simple Framework: – Resume reflects a glimpse of your personality as it completely talks about you and your endeavors in the past and is essential weapon to be used. Therefore use it wisely, remove distractive elements from it and make use of simple words which are easily understandable. Use easy to read font size as in 12pt of Arial or Times New Roman. Integrate information with pleasing designs elements as in grids and bullets but ensure that the layout is attractive and not contradictory to your resume.

Customize: – Change the cover letter and resume components for each position you apply for. Prepare you resume in the language and pattern as used by the organization; it might be easy and quick for the recruiters to comprehend. Use some phrases or statements which are used by organization on the websites and inculcate that in the resume, refrain telling much about your past employers, instead highlight on what best you can offer to the their organization and how you can add to the productivity and the resources.

Authentic Information: – Data incorporated in the resume should be authentic and credible. Don’t fake about your experience in the industry and about your previous employers. Many corporates go for third party verification, and if any misleading information is extracted, it gives a negative impression to the recruiter and you might lose up all present and future opportunities of working with them.

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