Why should I use a graphic design firm is a reasonable question for business executives facing their company’s first few business printing assignments. After all there are myriads of online do it yourself sites that offer free or nearly free opportunities to create business cards, business logos, brochures, flyers, restaurant menus, you name it.  Most of these sites will come equipped with free or nearly free templates that you can use, as well as design tools. For a new start up business, the printed products created by these sites may seem adequate. But are they really?

As Shifra Weinstein, the SEO of Autograph Solutions is quick to point out, “Paper selection and color selection are important, but experienced graphic design artists and printers understand all the possibilities as well.”  All the possibilities include subtleties in paper usage and color effects that only a graphic designer with years of training and experience can appreciate. However, there are other factors as well. No printed business product stands alone. Making a business card, designing a logo, printing a brochure are all challenging projects. But taken together, all of these products help to create a sense of the company’s branding image before the public. If the business card is made at one time on one site, and the brochure is printed up at another time on a different site, and company stationary and envelopes are printed up a third time when the director notices a special sale in the yellow pages, then each of these items may stand on their own, but taken as a whole they will be discordant. People looking at the business card one day, the brochure another day, and a follow-up letter some time after that will get no sense of consistency among this businesses’ advertising products. And this is a subtle message to the customer that the company is not totally trustworthy.  By going about creating paper products this way, the company has put the cart before the horse.

A much better way to print up a business cards, brochures, and company stationary is to select a trustworthy graphic design company and start by agreeing on the company’s branding and images that you want to place before the public. This will usually involve creating a company logo if you don’t already have one. The logo embodies the essence of what the company stands for and can be embellished by company colors and certain recognizable company designs. With these questions settled upon, the graphic design company can go about designing and creating business cards, brochures, letterheads, flyers, and any other type of paper advertising with relative ease. With these products in hand, the company will now win the respect of the public, which appreciates that this business has a consistent branding image. Branding recognition also has the benefit of facilitating memory among potential clients of the company’s advertising, public mentions, and personal customer contacts.

An additional ineffable value of using a graphic design company for business printing is the design and content accuracy you will get as a result of the professional discipline, which requires the graphic artist you hired to check over every item thoroughly before releasing it to the public. This additional factor means that the final product will have a more professional look than the cheap computer generated business products.

Resources: Autograph Solutions is a professional graphic design company that also offers business printing services to their customers.