Out there in the market, you will find number of exclusive and elegant designs of furniture from varieties of wood. But among these various woods, Teak wood is regarded as the best option to go with. Teak wood is enriched with plenty of goodness that includes attractiveness, waterproof, durable and so on and on. Besides this, teak wood furniture is free of maintenance that cuts down its price from customers’ perspective. Its low maintenance features makes it perfect to use this material for outdoor furniture.

Overcoming obstacles from years

The use of Teak wood has always been preferred to make outdoor furniture owing to its strengths: durability and robustness. And if you go back to 18th century, you will find the use of teak wood in every other furniture that would be made for outdoor use. This was also used in ships for making floors, fences and other various stuffs. Owing to its longevity even when a ship would retire, its wooden part was taken out and used for the outdoor furniture.

With all these features Teak wood should not be any suspicion why it is regarded as the top-class source for manufacturing outdoor furniture such as deck chairs, tables, and benches. Apart from that there is an old saying that buys the goodness of Teak wood and states ‘if you have a furniture made of the original teak wood, the requirement of replacing it will hardly come in your lifetime.


Innate qualities

Teak wood has plenty of qualities, but among them there are two that makes Teak wood as hard as stone. Teak wood is gifted with the presence of high in natural oils that makes it waterproof i.e. water cannot make any impression on it. And the second unique quality it contains is its tight grain which provides resistance from splintering. These are the qualities that make Teak wood outperform and preferred for constructing good quality of furniture to use in outdoors.

Zero maintenance

Up keep of outdoor furniture made from Teak wood is almost zero, so you don’t have to worry over it in any season, as it can handle scorching heat on one hand and on the other it can enjoy rain as well. However, with excessive of rain and direct sunlight, the furniture may change its hue a little bit.  To get a golden brown hue on your outdoor furniture, the only thing you are required to do is to paint a coat of olive oil at least thrice a year, it can be applied in the gap of four months.

A Renewable Resource

People those who share the concern for environment will love this material. It is an environment friendly material provided you are buying it from a genuine outdoor furniture manufacturer. Teak wood is found in plenty in the locale of Southeast Asia and is supplied to other nations. But to maintain this priceless natural resource, cultivation of these trees is put on the foremost importance to ensure it doesn’t extinct.

Valuable forever

Owing to its unparalleled qualities, the prices of Teak wood is bound to be higher than other types of woods. But if you recall its features like durability, water-resistant and etc. features and compare from its price, you will come to a conclusion that it is worth buying. And the simple reason for this is that once you have purchased furniture made from Teak wood, it will be there forever for generations to come. So, if you are looking to renovate your home or want to purchase some outdoor furniture, going with Teak wood will be the best bet.


Hariom Balhara is an interior designer. He also writes for this very beat. He has extensive experience in outdoor furniture, office furniture, and interior furniture etc.