When choosing an air sampling pump to use in your workplace, one of the more popular manufacturers (and one that has a reputation for providing high quality products) is SKC. Even though the sampling pumps provided by SKC are extremely useful in detecting harmful levels of toxic substances in the workplace, it is important that you are aware of the cautions surrounding the use of these types of devices.

• When changing over the battery for your air sampling pump, make sure that it possesses the label that is relevant for that particular device. Using another battery pack or station to charge the pump can actually void your warranty or cause issues.
• When working in hazardous environments, do not attempt to charge the pump, as this can affect the accuracy of the readings. Whenever the pump is plugged in for charging, you should avoid trying to use it, as you will risk messing up the settings.
• Never open, disassemble, short circuit, crush, incinerate or expose the battery to fire or high temperatures. This poses an extreme safety hazard for anyone in the vicinity.
• Only use the charger and the battery packs that have been designed for your particular air sampling pump. This not only ensures the reliable performance of the device, it ensures that your warranties remain intact and completely valid.
• Failing to follow any of the warnings and cautions supplied with your pump will void in remaining warranties. This could be problematic if your device begins experiencing issues.
• When repairing the pump, make sure that you only use SKC approved parts. This not only ensures the reliable performance of the device, it ensures that the workplace is kept safe. On top of this, it ensures that your warranty remains valid.
• If you are to tamper with the battery pack of your air sampling pump or are to use a repaired or rebuilt battery pack, you will void the warranty that has been placed on the device. You also put the safe operation of the device at risk.

The above essential cautions have been provided direct from the manufacturer, SKC, and are applicable to all air sampling pumps and other products that they produce. By keeping each of the above points in mind when utilising your pump, you will ensure that your workplace is in good hands and that your risks of being exposed to hazardous environments are kept to a minimum.

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