The Five Hottest Summer Trends for 2013Every jet-setting girl worth her passport has her beauty routine down to a science. Even if you’re not hopping planes to exotic destinations, our busy lives can utilize these tips to looking effortless and beautiful on the go.


Quick and Easy Hairstyles


Arming yourself with an arsenal of simple yet presentable hairstyles can save you time in the morning and aid in transitioning your look from day to evening. Braids can run to gamut from classic to avant garde depending on how creative you can be. No girl can go wrong with a beautiful french braid. Learning how to fishtail braid can make you the subject of interest, as a hairstyle that is so intriguing, everyone will be asking how you did it. A classic chignon at the nape of your neck can be both professional and alluring, taken from the office to after-work drinks.


Minimal Makeup


Letting your natural beauty shine through is the easiest routine of all. Keep your look simple with mascara (curling your lashes first), a bit of pressed powder and a lovely lip stain. The minimal makeup presents a clean palate to the world, while also allowing you to worry about other things besides smudged eyeliner. If you lean on the side of a heavier cosmetic hand, you can still get away with looking fresh. Choose a liquid foundation perfectly matched to your skin tone, and apply a light layer around your T-zone. Next, use a soft brown pencil eyeliner close to you lash line. Another secret for busy girls is multipurpose makeup. Find a gel or cream in a natural color and use it as eyeshadow, blush, and lip color.


Skin Care


Starting with great skin care is the foundation to simplifying any beauty routine. Beginning the night before, take off every trace of makeup with a alcohol-free liquid makeup remover or wipes. The next morning, take a warm washcloth and cover your face for 30 seconds, opening the pores. Follow with your choice of cleanser. End with a cold water rinse to close the pores. Don’t forget a day lotion or serum with SPF.


Beauty Tools


Keeping a beauty “tool kit” in your handbag can save you from those minor makeup emergencies that may occur. Q-tips for fixing eye makeup, tweezers for stray hairs, oil blotting cloths for the mid-day shine control, and a spare hair elastic or clip are all essential. A bit of hair serum can be invaluable for taming fly-aways.