Many of today’s Smartphone users are benefiting from the many mobile apps. Handheld platforms allow a user to use the device not only for personal needs, but also for tasks in the workplace. Below are some of the best apps used in mobile technology.

Top 5 Apps

The following are the top 5 apps of Smartphones and mobile technology:

1. Documents to Go – there is a version for the office suite that can be used with iPhone, iPod, Palm OS, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android, and Maemo. If you need to edit files on Microsoft Office found on your memory card or Smartphone, you can use this app. You can also use your phone to view Excel and Word files if you avail of the free trial. You can only use the full capabilities of the app if you get the premium version.

2. Skype – this allows you to communicate with others with ease. If you want to save money on charges for long distance communications, this is the app for you. It also comes with extra features such as video chats, voicemail online, texting, instant messaging, and video calling. The app for Smartphones is called Skype mobile and it is included in Android and Blackberry by Verizon. You can also find dedicated apps for Symbian OS and iPhone.

3. OnLive – this app is for Android phones and iPad, and is ideal for those who love to play games. You can now play popular console games on your tablet. To use this app, you will need a strong and reliable WiFi connection.

4. SugarSync – this is a file syncing app that you can use with multiple devices. With this app, you can automatically backup files, sync, or share files. You can use the app dedicated to Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Android, iPod, and iPhone. You can try the free service wherein you get 2GB space, but if need more storage you can opt for the paid account.

5. Remember the Milk – this is an online app that you can synchronize with Window Mobile, Blackberry, Android, and iPhone. This is a paid to-do application if you plan to use the app on your mobile phone, but the online service is provided for free.

These are the top five apps that you can use with your Smartphone and other mobile platforms.

Today’s app developers have created a lot of innovative products to make life easier for mobile phone users. Whether you have a home business or you are working at an office, you will find the apps very useful.

Since there are thousands of mobile apps in the market, you can check out the top five above and determine the ones you need. You do not need to download every new app in the market. Just use the ones you really need, and enjoy the convenience of mobile phone apps.

You may have noticed that some of the apps are available in free trial versions, while the rest need paid accounts. Before getting a mobile phone app, check if it is compatible with your Smartphone or mobile platform.

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