A crystal table lamp is a type of table lamp that is made of crystal shaped glass. These table lamps are widely popular all around the globe because of its beauty & elegance. They are suitable for any place of the house whether it be a study room or living room or even a bed room, they can be placed beautifully anywhere. They are so much pleasing to eyes that no other alteration is needed to be done on them. They reflect the light with a touch of a rainbow all around the place where they are kept. Their elegance & design is all what your interior design would ask for.

Crystal table lamps are usually made over an aluminum structure base. Small crystals are threaded together to make a single strip or even large piece crystals would do to make a unique & eye-catchy table lamp. These table lamps are then wired to provide power to the bulb. This bulb could be the same old halogen bulb or the LED bulb can also be used. The price of these lamps varies as per their quality, design & uniqueness. You can find these lamps in any furniture or decoration store & even online.