Summer vacations are fun. Kids love to plan things & events where they can enjoy the most. These plans & events are usually for a single day or two day may be. Then what to do to keep the kids busy & happy for the rest of the vacations? The simple idea is plan some recreational activities for them. Tell them to make some drawings or any other such activity.

If you have decided to keep them busy drawing, take them to some shop & buy them some crystal craft supplies. These may include scissors, glue, ribbons, glitters, crystals & you can add as much you want. Tell them to make some crystal crafts of their own. If you have two kids or more it’s a plus point for you, make it a competition. The best drawing wins prizes. This will keep them busy & enjoying. But just don’t neglect their drawings afterwards show them to everyone this encourage them. Believe me this is the best tactic to keep your children busy & enjoy your vacations.