Unlike the small businesses or entrepreneurs, the freelancers are not bound to complete the set office hours. However, there are many similar things that they have to follow just like the other business people. For instance, a freelance web designer also has to manage time and create invoices to make his work keep going without bearing any trouble. They must be thankful to the advanced technology that they do not need to rely on the old-fashioned methods like doing lot of paperwork for keeping a record of finances, time and report. Today, all they need is to choose appropriate online software to handle invoices and manage time. 

Define Invoices and Time Management: 
Invoice: It is a commercial document issued by a seller to the buyer. This contains the description of item quantity, date of shipment, price of products and services. In short, it is a bill of the offered products or services to get payment from the client. And, the online tool used to create invoices is called
electronic invoicing. 
Time Management: Every time you think of managing your time while doing certain tasks. It is the same with a web based tool which enables you to set time for each projects as well as decide their deadlines.
People who are from the field of freelancing must be aspiring to get the best software to manage time and invoices. If you are from the same arena but a bit confused over the selection of an appropriate application must have a look on the list of
following tools: 
Nutcache is a wonderful multilingual online application which provides online invoicing and time tracking absolutely free. This application is useful not only for freelancers but also for small businesses and entrepreneurs. It enables you to track the progress of your business with professional invoices and effective time tracking. Three characteristics of Nutcahce are: 
Free to use
Easy to Handle 
Safe to Implement
People engaged in freelancing and small business can rely on this productive tool as it lets them get immediate collections through accurate invoices. It is appreciated for being easy to use and offer hassle free time management. 
Freelancers can use it for dual purposes for managing invoicing and tracking time. With the help of this application, it is possible to make, send and track invoices and time. In addition, this software helps users print reports, record payments and viewing client balances. It is available on the yearly charges of $49.95 as well as there is a 30 days trial.



People who want to access a simple solution for invoicing that is devoid of complicated features can go for LiteAccounting. It enables users to make, track and send invoices; it also incorporates PayPal for accepting online payments. After 5 invoices, the other plans cost $8 per month for up to 50 invoices per month. 
This software is used to track time and also enables you to make accurate invoices at the same time sending and tracking them. It is also possible to accept online payments and draw estimates. There is 30 days free trial and paid accounts start from $6 per month to $140 per month. 
Billing Orchard:
Billing Orchard appears with the flexibility of managing time and bills on hourly basis as well also offers the opportunity to adopt recurring billing or flat fee. It does not come with any kind of free plan except a 15-day free trial. Besides it, the plans begin $9.95 per month for handling 50 invoices and 5 clients. Then, advanced plan is available from $14.95 to $69.95 every month.
This online accounting solution is useful for small businesses and freelancers to manage time, projects, create emails and invoices, estimate payments and record expenses. It is available at the cost of $20 per month. But, for the very first month the users can use it as a free trial without any restrictions of availing paid services.
These are some of the best examples of essential tool for freelancers. According to the specific needs and work demand, they are able to access any of them. Besides it, there are both free and paid applications, they are free to decide considering their budget. 
Author Bio: In the arena of invoicing and time tracking, Steve  Johnson is a well-known blogger from Nutcache. His blogs and articles set an example of resourcefulness and ingenuity.