Graphic designers are responsible for creating designing solutions that carry high visual impact. A graphic designer understands the needs of the clients and accordingly makes design decisions. Their main role is to work with a wide array of products including corporate identity, websites, advertisements, packaging, computer games or exhibitions and displays. The designer work is done using specialised software packages and industry- standard graphics. Graphic designers have to work closely with other people involved in the projects such as the sales staffs, the photographer or the copywriters. Sometimes, they may also have to work directly with the clients.

 What are the job responsibilities of a graphic designer?

A graphic designer is mainly involved in design and artwork responsibilities: these include-

  1. Developing concepts, layouts and graphics for product illustration, internet websites or company logos
  2. Updating brands and licensing guidelines as and when required
  3. Designing content for social media channels
  4. Developing interactive design
  5. Managing reprints for corporate stationery requirements
  6. Creating PowerPoint presentations, charts and diagrams to showcase their work
  7. Designing content for the newsletter
  8. Determining sizes and arrangement of illustrative copy and material
  9. Working with clients, explaining them with regard to print production, style, format and timescales

10. Reviewing final layouts and suggesting improvements when needed

11. Selecting and managing external suppliers and researching on a wide range of production options

12. Maintaining the internal systems for creative assets

13. Specifying production requirements for printers and managing the production through to delivery

14. Managing brand assets and supplying photographic assests and logo artwork to external partners

15. Coordinating with external partners regularly to ensure that targets are met and materials are printed to the highest quality

16. Preparing rough drafts of material based on the brief

17. Using innovative ideas to redefine a design within the constraints of time and costs

18. Authorising photographers and illustrators

19. Proofreading and preparing designs for printing

20. Developing design briefs by collecting information and data through research

21. Supporting and training other team members to improve the overall skill levels of the organisations.

Who are the typical employers of graphic designers?

  • Brand agencies
  • Packaging industries
  • Print houses
  • Television and broadcasting companies
  • Newspaper, books and magazine publishers
  • Multimedia companies such as web development and games industry
  • Signage companies

What qualifications are required to become a graphic designer?

Although a non-graduate can get an opportunity to work as a graphic designer, however, degrees in the following subjects are always preferred-

  • Media Arts
  • Animation
  • Photography
  • Digital media engineering
  • Advertising and marketing communication
  • Print and digital media management
  • Communication design
  • Visual communication and design
  • Fine Arts

What are the right skills required for a graphic designer?

  • Accuracy and attention to details
  • Outstanding creative flair and design
  • Competence in image processing software’s and design
  • Excellent IT skills
  • Professional attitude towards costs, time and deadlines
  • An understanding of the latest trends within a commercial environment
  • Flexibility
  • The ability to balance work on several projects
  • A strong visual sense
  • The confidence to showcase and explain ideas to clients

Graphic designers usually work 37 hours a week. One can also get a freelance graphic design job and work as a freelancer after getting some years of experience. Even many companies also have an option for the part time job in graphic designing.

What is the expected salary of a graphic designer?

The following figures are only estimates. However, the actual pay may vary from company to company-

  • Salaries for senior designer as a creative director is around £65,000
  • Salaries for junior graphic designer may start with £11,000 and with experience may rise to around £25,000.

As you have the major details of a graphic designer profile, you can very well prepare yourself to get the best job in the market.