Although switching to raw food all the time might sound a little difficult to you, it can be a very wise decision to include some raw foods into your diet every day. Cooking food takes away most of the vital enzymes, essential minerals, and vitamins. Moreover, to cook food, you might require oil and other fat based products that can clog your arteries and digestive system. So, it is better to include some raw food in your diet. Let us look at some more benefits of including raw food in our daily diet.

Raw food retains vitamins and minerals

When you cook food, it destroys the natural enzymes and other nutrients. Enzymes are essential in breaking down the nutrients. When the food is eaten raw, it retains all the necessary nutrients and enzymes that are essential for the smooth functioning of the body.

Raw food cools and hydrates our system

Raw foods contain a high amount of water that is reduced when cooked. The water content in raw foods like vegetables and fruits largely contributes to cooling down our bodies, and keeps it hydrated. This is especially helpful during summer season. It also gives you increased energy to carry out your daily activities.

Raw food aids weight loss

Raw foods are healthier and can be a major contributor to weight loss. Raw food does not just include fruits and vegetables as these alone cannot meet the caloric requirements of the body. Foods like avocado, nuts, and seeds must also be included in the diet.

Reduces risk of various diseases

Raw foods include many nourishing ingredients that are key factors in developing the smooth functioning of the human body. It helps in eliminating the toxins from our bodies. It aids digestion, weight loss, cardiovascular health, and builds immunity, reducing the risk of contracting various illnesses. For example, when you include raw broccoli in your diet, you can prevent the risk of cancer.

Raw food helps keep the planet green

By adopting raw foods like fruits and vegetables in your diet, you reduce the amount of processed and packaged food products in your diet. Packaged foods are usually frozen or packed in a box or plastic covers. Reducing intake of these will obviously be good for the environment.  With fresh and raw food, you will have more room in your storage cupboards and less clutter in garbage dumps. Moreover, the waste accumulated by raw foodstuffs can be easily decomposed and even be used as compost.

About the author: Grace is an expert associated with Raw Snacks. She believes that one needs to have raw foods to maintain health over a long term.