Scientists have developed a carbon monoxide alarm device which can prove to be a life saver. It has been an exemplary effort from the team of scientists who have developed the device as it involved combining the specialized knowledge of biotechnology as well as infrared engineering. The alarm has the first bio-tech sensor to be ever commercialized by any company. The sensor has two CO sensing elements made from a porous transparent disk coated with a single layer of a catalyst. The catalyst is made of what has been termed as supramolecular complex.

Process of the CO alarm construction

Two CO sensing elements are used in the infrared sensor of the carbon monoxide alarm. A porous transparent disk is used as a catalyst for generation of sensing elements. There is a self-assembly process that is utilized for this. When exposed to carbon monoxide, these sensors change their spectral character and absorb photons at the rate determined by the density of carbon monoxide in the environment.
When the sensing elements are monitored with patented electronics, the result is a linear response. As the carbon monoxide of the environment is reduced, the sensing elements reverse their spectral shift. There is a self-regenerating process that brings this about. As the rate of change can be monitored by the magnitude of light transmitted through sensing elements, the measure of CO’s density in the environment is quite accurate. This is an important characteristic as it allows for designing of sensors that meet the exacting specifications and standards demanded by a client. Formulation process can be altered for a change in the structuring of CO alarm.
Use only false alarm free device

The patented biotech or BIO sensor is the only false alarm free technology in the market nowadays. It has been tested comprehensively for this. The findings of the LBNL (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) carbon monoxide technology comparison shows that biotechnology from the makers of the carbon monoxide alarm is the only technology tested free of false alarm.

There are three false alarm technologies available in the market today, BIO which stands for biotechnology, EC for electrochemical, and MOS for metal oxide semiconductor. The top notch research institutes such as the Gas Research Institute and Unified Engineering have tested all three and verified that only the carbon monoxide alarm is totally false alarm free. As false alarms can be very dangerous because you tend to start taking all alarms for granted, it would be advisable to get one that has been tested free of false alarm.