Summer 2013 is around the corner and the fashion world is abuzz with new hairstyles and hair trends for this sultry season. This year would see a literal comeback of the 90’s and would also see some simpler, plainer and more striking hairstyles and hair trends. Here is an assorted list of the hair trends for summer 2013, that you can easily use to transform your style quotient.

Twisted Locks

  • Twisted Locks:   Apparently, hair bands have gone out of fashions and you will soon have to throw all those elastic bands away. Wait a moment, throw them away? What Would I tie my hair with? Its simple ladies, use your hair to tie your hair. The trend has been gaining popularity in the past some time and it seems that twisting a hair strand and using it to tie the rest of the length is going to be the most ‘in’ thing this summer. If you have longer hair, time to show some ‘hairy’ strength.


  • Braid is backBraid is Back:   Though it had not really gone anywhere, the braids are going to rule every fashion show and adorn the head of most of the fashion conscious women this season. You don’t have to go for crop braids this year. Try to incorporate them into a rather simple hairstyle and add a twist. You can use braids that start at the back of your ear and extend to the other shoulder, where the rest of your mane is falling effortlessly. Simple look, but a great statement.



  • Ponytails:   So you thought ponytails weren’t sexy anymore? Give it a second thought as this summer, a ponytail is coming to save your hair from the scorching heat. Go only for low ponytails and make sure that you use nothing but slim elastic to hold it in place. More so, if you have read the first point carefully, then you must have already gotten rid of the elastic. Use a braided hair strand and see how a simple pony becomes your ultimate style statement. This year, it will mostly be about flat-ironed straight hair that is neatly tucked at the nape. However, you can opt for experiments and add side swept bangs and a few fringes to add to the jovial appeal.


Glossy Hair

  • The Glossy Hair:   You don’t really have to look like you just took a long bath in the ocean, but you must certainly look like you are ready for a Baywatch revamp. This summer, use lots of mousse to get that wet and glossy look in your hair. The best part is that the smallest of the strands bled into this hairstyle perfectly and you look hotter than the summer sun.


Curly Hairstyle

  • Say Goodbye to Curls:   Though curls provide a lot of bounce and volume to your hair, this year will be dedicated totally to straight hair. Get your flat-iron to work and get super straight hair in a jiffy. Don’t forget that as you can add some layers in your hair to make it look even more gorgeous and sexier than ever. Hair spray, anyone?


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