Who cares or thinks about what work best when a ball rolls into the pocket? But, when easy shots are missed or stupid things end in a loss of the game- it becomes really important to know the reason. However, most of the time even seasoned players come up with the reasons like faulty equipment or bad luck. Those who are really sick and tired of making these familiar excuses and wanted to excavate the real causes behind their inconsistent outcomes and most importantly want to improve it; have to consult with professional instructors.

While practice can polish your existing skills and enhance the control over the balls, it is important to learn the game rules. The game of Pool is complicated than what it appears to be and most of the players are not really aware of the Pool universe or its details. The Pool school is developed for those pool enthusiasts who want to learn the real techniques to pocket the balls.

While there are lots of articles online sharing tips and advices to better the game of billiard, are any of them really helpful to improve your drills sitting at home. It will be a bit rude if I say no at the outset. There are pretty good resources but such tips will be more effective when you are totally in control of the game.

Understanding the game

How to stand, where to put the head and how to hold the cue-all contribute in making a good stroke. In order to stroke the cue well you need to achieve high degree of accuracy and competence. Usually, what you have to do is to:

  • Hit the ball exactly at the center
  • Align the shooting arm and the cue along the line of the aimed target through the center of the cue ball
  • Move the cue to and fro along the line without vacillating, especially on the final stroke when you actually hit the ball

Well…..these are only the beginning and there are various other skills that you must know to play well. Only an experienced instructor who had played the game for several years may point out the areas you need to improve. However, always remember that instructor does not have a magic pill to improve your game. If there are any flaws in your stroke, the instructor will work on it and will help you to overcome the problems. What they can come up with is valuable guidance regarding the process and techniques of the game but it will only be helpful if you apply the expert’s advice when you are practicing. Apart, from that you need to put hours on the practice table for a better outcome.

Sessions to learn the game

Most of the sessions organized for the billiard enthusiasts primarily focus on the fundamentals of the game. Although you may come across many familiar techniques; do not conclude that the classes are meaningless or good for nothing. Attention to details may help to learn a lot new rules that you may have applied on the billiard tables several times without knowing.

There are advanced sessions also for those billiard pros who want to work on their existing skills.  You are free to decide which session will be apt. However, if you are not confident with your basics; the beginner session can be effective in your case. Improving the fundamental knowledge and understanding may offer wider arsenal of shots, assist you to be innovative at the table and help you to be aware about vital factors related with different types of shots.

The mentors usually offer a few hour session or weekend camps on billiards. Deciding in advance what exactly you want to learn from the expert will be no doubt helpful. Otherwise, it will just be an investment without any result.

Some more ideas to improve the game

A mentor and continuous practice may help you to play much better; there are some tactics you must focus on to achieve success in your game. These are quite basic but crucial.

  • While taking the shot remain still, as much as possible
  • In a billiard game there is no such thing as an easy shot. Treat every shot equally
  • Pre-plan a shot before taking the stroke
  • Do not lose focus on a shot
  • Stay down on your shot
  • Enjoy the game to its fullest. Always have the feeling that you are playing the game just for fun

While there are books, DVDs and even free internet advices available in the market which can teach you the game; what extra can you avail from an instructor. It is objective feedback about your strokes and about your style of playing the game from an expert which make these sessions worthy. In order to play the game as per your mentor’s guidelines, you have to put real efforts. If you follow the suggestions, no doubt you can see an improvement in the game.

Stephen Lawther is a billiard enthusiast and follows all the pool tournaments. He contributes useful articles on pool tables in Canada for his set of readers.  He takes inspirations from Black Bear Billiard while shopping around for pool equipment and tables.