SeoBored with guest posting as a link building idea? Yeah, that one was innovative somewhere in 2005. But it’s understandable why it’s so popular: it’s scalable and safe, and most link builders love it when their tactics are like that. But for you who would like to try something else, we have a few great suggestions – read on!

1. Create content that you already “have” the links for
Instead of creating content to serve as the “excuse” for your link (guest posting-like), first look for link opportunities and then create content according to them.
You can use the technique of broken link building to do that, or identify the gap in the market and create content that will fill it.
Broken link building is more scalable than the second option and can bring in a lot more links at once. Basically, you look for the authority websites in your niche and look for their resources (links) pages. You can use more complicated tools to check all of their pages, but this is the simplest way. You then plug the links page into Xenu or ScreamingFrog, and they’ll show you whether there are any links on that page that are broken (pointing to pages that don’t exist anymore). If there are, you can try and guess what content was on that page, or use to see it – and then recreate the content. Then contact the owner of the website you have found the broken link on, let him know that that page doesn’t exist but you have found another that has similar content – and voila! There’s your new link, most often from an old page that is trusted by Google.
Now, it doesn’t end there. To get the maximum out of your newly created content, you can check the original page and find out who else has linked to it. Then contact all the websites.
Identifying the gap in the market is pretty difficult if you have no previous experience, but if you’re in need of an extremely strong link to surpass the competitor (say, if his website is on a very old domain and you need that little extra to catch up with him) you can do the simplest version: look for the website of a local university or connect with the student organizations to see what kind of resource they could use. Then go and create that resource (we can’t emphasize enough the importance of creating extremely quality content), and then contact them and offer the content in exchange for a link.

2. Offer a favor when they ask you for the money
Mommy bloggers are notorious for asking for the money to publish a guest post. Instead of explaining them what guest posting is all about, you can gently let them know that you aren’t prepared to pay that amount (or any amount for that matter because it’s against Google’s TOS – it should stop them from insisting on it), but you can help them fix that header, or implement rel=autgor tag (you know that little picture of you in the search results? Well I can help you with that!). This works like a charm.
Of course, you can build links by helping others even if they aren’t mommy bloggers who misunderstand guest blogging. Even while you randomly surf, save the URLs of the websites that you believe could use some help from you.

3. Host a local event
It doesn’t have to be anything big, but it has to be a real event. Even a small business workshop or a photography show. You can connect with a local charity and offer them to help with promoting an event that they’d organize (but it would have to be somehow related to the topic of the website you’re promoting). Basically, any event will do.
On your website, create the event landing page – that’s where all the links will be pointing to. Then use Google to find locally or niche relevant websites that you can submit your event to using queries like:
City/niche inurl:event inurl:submit
City/niche “submit an event”
City/niche “add event” – and similar.
Then just go and submit your event. Tons of links there.

Now don’t just sit and think about how great this is. Go, build links, now you have an idea what to do!


Written by guest author Nicole Gore from