Have you ever wondered how YouTube popularity grown like a wildfire in less than 2 years?

Well, one obvious reason that ring a bell for me is the ease of video-sharing. Its website doesn’t ask users like you to download a player or create a special account just to watch a video. You simply need to mouse-click a link and a video will start streaming within a few seconds. And this is what is called ‘user-friendliness’ actually. As you can see, the website’s attention to its users has already paid them off.

However, according to the experts of human-machine interaction arena, You Tube’s website design UI isn’t a golden rule to succeed, but the exception. Today, businesses, universities and renowned government agencies like NASA are spending their time and money in studying how humans interact with machines, or say technology.

Design For The People Who Will Visit It

A design of the website has become a crucial factor determining if one will succeed or fail on the web. In the early 20th century, a web based start-up were having say only 100 competitors across the world. And now a company has thousands of peers in the world.

With the growing competition every year, more focus is given on users.
For those not aware, Google has a team of more than 50 in its dedicated human-computer interaction department. Many other high-tech companies like IBM and Oracle are also growing their staff in this field. The software giant Microsoft has about 500 employees in its user design department.

As a part of its strategic partnership with Google, NASA is using its computer algorithm, cognitive modeling tools, to learn how people respond to new technology in order to help Google team design more intuitive tabs for Firefox browser. Many universities like University of California have introduced new courses for students who want to develop human-computer interaction skills.

The Bottom-line

The fundamental of designing user-friendly interfaces is to start understanding the requirements, capacities, limitations and anticipations of users, or targeted audience. A pop-up window that suddenly appear on your screen and disappear even before you read it is a good example of a bad web design.
How To Hire The Best Web Design Expert?

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Author Bio: Josh works as a web adviser in an IT consulting firm. She has penned the benefits and reasons of hiring web designing Denver based firms numerous times. She advocates for user-friendly UI in web design arena.