Thanks to the discovery of electronic cigarette. The industry has given lot to the smokers who were addicted to the smoking and wanted to quit it because of the health hazard related to it. The organizations are doing great but still the benefits of electronic cigarettes are under investigation.

Ultimately, the lobbying power of individuals always pale in comparison but the continued work of many people helps to circulate much-needed information about e-cigs. Let’s know five most influential people in the electronic cigarette industry in the ascending order.

  • Paul Bergen: He was a vital member of the Tobacco Harm Reduction Institute of the University of Alberta in Canada. He regularly used to feature in the media about the relation of e-cigs. He also writes lot about e-cigs and is a active blogger on News and opinion. You can say him an important voice in dispelling the myths surrounding the innovative technology. This is the reason why logical voices like his are increasingly value to the industry.
  • Dr. Murray Laugesen: The man is the founder of health New Zealand and has more than 18 years of experience. He is working as a researcher in the tobacco policy and cigarettes. He is also the author over 40 research papers and is the creator of End Smoking NZ. It is a charitable organization dedicated to the use of combustible cigarettes. His thorough research on electronic cigarettes has made him as one of the leading individual voices in the electronic cigarette industry. You can also read their expert reviews on different brands of electronic cigarettes. They analyze v2 cigs brand thoroughly and after research only present their expert views.
  • Scott Ballin: Scott Ballin has made himself popular due to different reason from other. He’s working on the profile of tobacco and health policy consultant in Washington. He runs Tobacco at a Crossroads alliance. Most of his entrants in the list are researchers; he’s more concerned in the policy side of things. He has also enjoyed the position of VP for Public Policy and Legislative Counsel at the American Heart Association. He also holds the important position of the chairman of the Coalition on Smoking OR Health. It gave him lot of experience as a legislator. He advocated on modernizing tobacco laws to account for products like e-cigarettes. Presently he is advising at the University of Virginia.
  • Professor Michael Siegel: Michael Siegel is from the Boston University. He spent most of the time scientifically dispelling the myths related to smoking e-cigs. He is a well-known name in the tobacco harm reduction field. You can read his Tobacco Analysis blog which is regularly updated and give its reader ample of information regarding new studies related to the subject. He’s been featured in the media many times and also known for the research into e-cigs.rofessor Carl Phillips: Carl Philips is an expert on tobacco control. He also ran the Tobacco Harm Reduction Institute at the famous University of Alberta in Canada. He also fought to get all the scientific research done on e-cigs in public. He’s been the guest of the talk shows on the Discovery Network’s Daily Planet and regularly dispels claptrap at his Anti-THR Lie of the Day blog. He’s a voiced supporter of e-cigarettes and attends panel discussions on tobacco and harm reduction methods. He’s a passionate supporter of electronic cigarettes arguing that they are less dangerous than traditional smoking.