Jobs in Australia, Visas to migrate in Australia: In Australia there is a program called Skill Matching Database (Skills Database) that allows migrants to meet staffing needs in this country. To access this tool is essential that migrants applying for the appropriate visa.

Therefore, people who wish to migrate to Australia must be careful when applying for the visa. The chances of being accepted into Australian territory depend on the type of visa to apply the filling of the application request and compliance with the requirements under the Australian migration program.

It is noteworthy that in Australia, unlike other countries, you can apply for a visa to the immigrant not only beneficiary, who is also the only one to meet the requirements, but also for direct relatives who are financially dependent emigrant holder.

The first step you should give those interested in immigrating to Australian territory is to investigate in depth about what your options are to get a job in this country. The Skill Matching Database or, in Spanish, Skills Database is a tool included in the Australian Government Official Website that facilitates the learning skilled visa applicants about employment opportunities in Australia.

Also, the Skill Matching Database allows visa applicants to register their details about their work experience detailing the work performed, and the degree of educational attainment. On this page, the migrant can also register their interest in working in Australian territory or state.

The Skill Matching Database or Database Skills are reviewed by employers, state and territory governments increasingly requiring employees, as they can become sponsors of the emigrant with an interest in living and working in Australia. This means that the immigrant could get a job before arrival in the country of Australia.

Significantly for migrants can include your information in the Skill Matching or Skills Database need to have submitted their request for application on any of the categories of Visa, described as: subclass 175, subclass 176, subclass 885 and subclass 886.

Then explain what visa categories to which the immigrant must apply from outside Australia to access the Skill Matching Database:

Skilled – Independent (Migrant) Visa or Visa Skilled – Independent (Migrant) subclass 175: This is a permanent visa for people with professional studies and workers skilled occupations that do not have the sponsorship of relatives, businesses, governments of states or territories. To obtain this visa is necessary to achieve a minimum score established.

Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) Visa or Visa Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) Sub Class 176. It is a permanent visa for workers with professional or skilled occupations and family sponsorship, companies or governments of Australian territories. Demands also achieve a minimum score, but lower than the subclass 175 visa.

Now, visas that can be requested from within Australian territory to access the Skill Matching Database are:

Skilled-Independent (Residence) visa or Skilled-Independent Visa (Resident), Subclass 885. It is a permanent visa oriented foreign students who have studied for a period longer than two years, which appear on the Skilled Occupations List (SOL, for its acronym in English), and do not have sponsorship. You also need to achieve a minimum score established.

Skilled-Sponsored (Residence) visa or Skilled-Sponsored Visa (Resident), subclass 886. This permanent visa is also directed to foreign students to study in Australia for longer than two years, and who are in the Skilled Occupations List (SOL), but have family sponsorship, companies or governments states. To get this visa you must obtain a minimum score but lower than the 885 subclass visa.

It is important to note that being registered with the Skill Matching Database does not imply any cost, no guarantee you will get much less work means more rights granted upon approval of visas to which it applies.

The data that the migrant enters the Skill Matching Database or Database Skills remain until you arrived in Australia, with a maximum of two years.

In summary, the Skill Matching Database or Database Skills is a tool that provides the Australian government for the benefit of immigrant applicants and employers in Australia. We recommend all to find an Australian immigration expert for better suggestions.