images (21)A blog is a sort of website which contains information on a particular niche. People are allowed to express their views about it and comment on the page itself. These comments are referred to as ‘posts’ and appear such that the latest ones are at the top and the oldest ones near the bottom. Initially the publishing team of each blog consisted of only one person or a small group. Today however multi-author-blogs have emerged where multiple different professional authors sharing their posts with one another. Blogging has been misunderstood by most people to whom blogging is all about earning cash; the truth is more versatile.

What is Blogging all about?

Blogging is a revolutionary advancement in technology allowing people to socialize and discuss their views on various topics. Earning money is an extra bonus but to use blogging as a professional source of income, you need to be well-versed in that field. Following acronym will help clear your views about a blog:

1. B for Befriend

 It means that blog grants you a wonderful excuse to talk to people from all over the globe. You get a chance to share your thoughts with a bunch of strangers who eventually become your close friends. Having friends and fans is also healthy for your blog; it will direct internet traffic towards it and promote it. Without your blog being popular among the internet users, it’s just a waste of space on the World Wide Web; doing nothing but clogging the already crammed cyber world.

2. L for Learn

Many unsuccessful bloggers had caused the downfall of their own career by being over-confident. If you run a blog or two, it doesn’t mean you are perfect at it. In fact no man’s knowledge is ever complete; so, even when you have published your blog online and started using and advertising it, it is better to read all the posts on the page. Many of these posts are made by professionals who know a lot about different fields and can open up your eyes to the things you never knew before. It is also advisable to visit the other similar blogs, observe them and use the knowledge to improve your own blog.

3. O for Officious

Prove your professionalism and credibility. This is only possible if you dedicate your time and energies to your blog. You have to be serious in what you do and also love it equally. Once you establish the integrity of your knowledge and prove it, people will look to your blog for information related to the same niche. It is one big achievement and makes one feel satisfied internally. This, however, takes time and may at times prove annoying and difficult but all the hard work eventually pays off.

4. G for Give

You have missed the whole point of blogging if you use it for your own benefit. Blogging is not about making a good amount of money or getting popular, it’s all about assisting others. Through your blog you help other people and share with them your knowledge and experience. This is a wonderful thing to do and proves your selflessness.

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