Body modifications have been common since early ages, tattooing has often been trending in and out – the contemporary trends of tattooing have been seen dating as far back as 1800s. The trending of tattooing are as likely as those of tattoo removal. Although removal could have a range of different reasons starting from the reciprocal ones to those that motivated tattooing in the first place or political changes. As the number of people trying to get their skin tattooed grow, the ratio of those who want them removed grows as well. Other than this being a general statistic related growth of tattoo removal, there are other significant reasons that are associated with the removal. It might be because a mother doesn’t want her children to see her skin tattooed from the time of her adolescence or that a matured person doesn’t want the tattoo any more with his office going personality. There are a significant number of cases that involve children that have obtained the tattoos using fake identification and now their parents want them removed or gang members who don’t want to be associated with that identity any more.

Tattoo removal





Growing industry

Having a wide demand and a variety of methods available or the removal with the advancement in technology, tattoo removal is now a growing industry. Those who want the tattoos removed have given the tattoo removal industry a comparable share in the tattooing market. Charleston Daily Mail reports the tattoo removal industry to have survived, and rather spun through the stock market crashing stages. With the politics involved, gang members who didn’t want to be killed for the association or parents who didn’t want their children to be depicting what they were wearing in their tattoos being common cases, and then moving on to the African immigrants who wanted to remove their tribal markings as well as agency operatives from CIA and FBI who wanted to go undercover and didn’t want to risk discovery through their tattoos have pushed the tattoo removal industry forward.


After Tattoo Removal








Rethinking the ink

Removal per se isn’t the only reason for getting the tattoos removed. The trends take this a step further. Those who want their tattoos redesigned rather than removed in order to follow the on coming trends or those who have a new design in mind make use of the tattoo removal technology to replace their old tattoos. This might even go to such an extent that those who have tattooed to such an extent that they have run out of their ‘skin canvass’ might like to remove the old ones and replace them with the ones they like more.

Serious business

Tattoo removal involves different technologies that are often have serious implications. This might be the usage of laser technology or other forms of treatments that need supervision. Ignoring appropriate supervision might be risky for the one going through the treatment.  Appropriately educated and trained nurses might supervise the procedure, but they are not a replacement of a medical doctor; a physician’s presence is the way to ensure avoiding and correctly dealing with any complications that might occur.