Teeth are central to your facial appearance. A perfectly beautiful face can look repulsive with bad or misaligned set of teeth. Conversely, a neat array of well-aligned and sparkling white teeth can redeem even an unattractive face. This is the reason a growing number of people are opting to correct their teeth with dental implants and other restoration techniques.


There are several methods to restore and improve the appearance of your teeth. Some of the most popular are:


  • Teeth whitening: One of the most popular dental procedures, it involves lightening discolored teeth to improve their appearance. There are many options available for teeth whitening, including over the counter products and in-clinic treatment.


  • Tooth reshaping: If you have badly-shaped (crooked) teeth or are not satisfied with the shape of your teeth, then you can have them reshaped to improve their appearance. The popular treatments include removing the enamels to alter the length and shape of one or more teeth.


  • Bonding: This procedure is done to improve the appearance of a tooth by applying on its surface an enamel-like composite material which is then sculpted, shaped, hardened and polished.


  • Dental bridges: These are false teeth that are placed to fill the gaps left by natural teeth that have fallen. They consist of porcelain crowns supported by the adjacent teeth.


  • Dental implants: These are artificial teeth that look and feel like natural teeth. They consist of titanium posts (or screws) attached directly on the jawbone and covered by one of more prosthetic crowns. The artificial teeth have such a natural feel to them that you can eat and speak without the slightest difficulty.


  • Bite reclamation: Excessive wear and acid reflux can alter the vertical dimension of your teeth, which makes your face look shorter. Bite reclamation is done to restore the vertical dimension.


  • Veneer: These are ultrathin porcelain laminates that are custom-made to be bonded directly into your teeth. They are used for closing the unsightly gaps between your teeth.


Cosmetic dentistry can permanently alter the appearance of your face and make you look and feel better. However, they can be expensive and also harm your teeth if done incorrectly. Therefore, you should get the treatment only from a highly trained and experienced dental surgeon.