Every homeowner needs to upgrade their kitchen cabinets once in a while. Stylish and bright cabinets add to the look of any modern kitchen. The latest designs of kitchen cabinetry often use a mix of colors. The cabinets you choose should go well with the overall architecture of your house while having storage options for every appliance and item you need in your kitchen.


This is how you should go about the makeover of your kitchen cabinetry:


First of all, consider how much space every appliance would occupy when planning the design of the cabinets. Opt for wider cabinets as those are easier to access.


Secondly, keep the windows, doorways etc. in mind. You can create a floor plan of your kitchen and the layouts of the walls to get a clear idea of how much space you can use for the cabinets. In your plan, have the kitchen sink between the cabinets. For instance, the cabinets should be placed along the left and right sides of the sink.


Thirdly, to bring an ultra-modern look, choose cabinets that have smooth fronts and subtle knobs or handles. Refrain from using ornate designs unless you want a particularly opulent look. Make sure the height of the cabinetry is such that it touches the ceiling.


Fourthly, choose colors keeping in mind the mood they create. Bright colors like red and orange fuel the appetite and can make a small kitchen appear large. If the rest of your kitchen is painted white, red or orange can create a glamorous contrast. Neon tones look amazing against neutral backgrounds. Colors like emerald or turquoise make a kitchen look inviting and relaxing. You can also use classic favorites such as brown, dark cherry, cinnamon, sand, white or chocolate. If you want to go bold, use golden, silver or bronze.


Finally, a very effective way to choose the look of your kitchen cabinetry would be to paint the cabinets in your floor plan using color pencils or crayons. You can also create a plan with the help of relevant software on your computer. Or, you can visit a professional organization specializing in kitchens renovations.