Having a website these days have become an essential for the mortgage brokers to expose their business to umpteen potential clients. Not having online presence means missing out on plethora of opportunity that internet has to offer.

Lately, I have come across many people bamboozled about whether to go for custom mortgage website or for website templates? What exactly is the difference between both of them? If I have a good content on my website, is it not enough?

In this article, I will draw a comparison between having a custom website and buying website templates along with dropping some useful tips for mortgage professionals to have an impeccable mortgage websites and web presence.

Firstly, most factor while setting up a website is time. I know many broker friends who, in spite of sufficient funds and understanding of information technology, do not have a website to represent their business because they are too busy to get into this.

Contrary to templates, conventional way of having a websites is quite a long procedure. It requires constant communication with webmasters and huge amount of input from mortgage professionals. Procedure of website creation sometimes is stretches to week and months.

Options of buying website templates have solved this problem to a big extent. So much so that one can have a website ready in less than two days if opted for templates option. No communication require with webmasters as there is no need of webmaster. All you need to do is find the templates that are quite close to the idea of your website. Hence, mortgage professionals excessively busy should go for mortgage website templates rather than missing out totally on the myriad opportunities lie on internet.

Secondly factor that hold mortgage professionals back from having an online presence is financial investment. The real cost and expenditure of having a custom website does not lie in paying webmaster for website creation but the in the monthly payments to the webmaster.

Website templates are far economical than the option of custom website. You can have a website even in less than two hundred dollars. Moreover, no need of making monthly payments to webmaster also.

Third factor, which I consider maximum important, is autonomy. Having certain amount of autonomy over mortgage websites is indispensable for the mortgage broker. Templates save you from being totally dependent on webmaster.

Mortgage industry is one of the most fickle industries. Since, website’s purpose is to represent the business efficiently; website will be equally fickle. Therefore, a mortgage professional must be able to make changes in a website or upload something when he wants necessary.

For instance, you want to write a blog on the affects of change in interest rate by central bank; you cannot wait for days to have it uploaded as opportunities do not persist for that long. Website templates come quite handy in such situations as mortgage professional is totally in control.

In a nutshell, purpose of this article was not to denounce one option and promote the other but to provide the readers a thorough and comprehensive analysis of both the options.