Denby Station HouseIt is less popular in the current financial climate for people to sell their property and move to a new home. Instead it has become more common to build an extension, create a loft or cellar conversion or refurbish the property that they already have. Of all of these options, home refurbishment is normally the most cost effective and therefore popular choice. However, anyone that decides upon a house refurbishment should keep in mind some basic guidelines to ensure that they stay in budget and that the changes made stand the test of time.

The two main rooms that can make a dramatic difference to a property are the kitchen and bathrooms. Normally during a house refurbishment (or as the Danes say Hus istandsættelse) a new kitchen and bathroom will take up the larger percentage of the budget, so it is important to get it right.

When deciding on changes to kitchen cupboards there are a few options to consider. If the doors are solid wood then they can be removed, sanded down and repainted or stained. New doors and draw fronts can be purchased and fitted onto existing carcasses or complete new cabinets can be purchased and fitted if the layout of the kitchen (in Danish “Køkken”) needs a little tweaking. Whichever option is decided upon, it is important to choose a classic colour and design so that it will stand the test of time and continue to look stylish for many years to come. Tempting though it may be to pick something ultra modern, in a couple of years time it may well look outdated and out of place.

Consider using a natural material such as terracotta tiles or slate as flooring. Under floor heating can be added to increase warmth and the natural materials add a touch of class to any room. Make sure that the worktops and backsplashes or wall tiling coordinate with the cabinet door colour and floor to tie everything in together.

Even the smallest bathroom can be made to look bright and airy with a little forethought. Try not to cram too much bathroom Bath Roomfurniture into the room if possible and stick to those items that will be used on a regular basis. Keep the walls and tiling a nice light colour and consider fitting a vanity unit around the hand basin for extra storage space.

Simple changes such as new interior doors and repainting the walls of the rooms will also brighten up a home and make it look like new. Keep the colours fairly neutral and bring in bright touches with the furnishings, for example rugs, curtains, cushions, etc. These are much simpler to alter over time for a fresh new look.

Also, pay some attention to the exterior of the house to add curb appeal. A new front door, freshening up the exterior window frames with paint or stain and a little work tidying up the overall frontage of a property will make it look like a new house and give visitors an idea of what they can expect when they walk through the front door.