Trends in 2013 – the year of the Snake on the eastern calendar dictate fashion their demands, namely more shine, more metal, more natural stones, larger and heavier, and this is not surprising, since the snake dictates love oriental style and luxury decoration, in harmony with natural motifs.

For women, this year will be relevant articles of precious metals platinum, gold and silver, some increased size with the addition of a large number of natural stones of different colors. In jewelry 2013 actual floral motifs in fashion includes uncut stones. Very popular in the year of the Snake are massive necklaces and necklaces, chains in several rows, the massive brooches, who can now add the toilet not only on the chest and at the waist and back, large bracelets, beautiful hairpins. As for the earrings at the peak of popularity elongated earrings with bulk stones and floral decoration. Fashion Jewelry 2013 impressive and unusual in design, so in seconds change the appearance of the owner! And the most uncommon and fashionable earrings in this year is monogram earrings.

Fashion jewelryYoung ladies and girls in 2013 can safely experiment with design part in the selection of jewelry, but it will remain relevant subtle variations and classic small pendant, cute earrings, rings and pins. Trend of the season are the multifunctional jewelry that decorate not only the ear, but hairstyle. They can be elegant, made of precious metals with inlays of precious stones. Their main advantage is that they are attached by hinges or clips in different parts of the ear, so their weight is distributed evenly and does not draw lobe.

Council of the fair sex in spite of the fact that some designers recommend robe from head to toe in bright decorations, stylists, in turn, advised to wear only one active bright decoration, not vest as a Christmas tree.

In 2013, for men to date and fashionable are made of gold and platinum, it may be chains, bracelets, pendants, including in the form of crosses. For men in the year of the Snake are actual leather bracelets and leather cords. They can be in the form of thin leather lace, and in the form of a wide bracelet with studs made of precious metals. Bracelets as a set of chains are relevant. Elongated suspension pendant bright male enhancement 2013, And such suspension are both on top of the classic shirts, and in combination with a more democratic clothing. Just for Men in 2013 remain relevant decorations were in military style and the bike.

In 2013, a very important expression of style and beauty is why we offer the same service to use making products to order custom designs.