Summer vacations are exciting and relaxing. People look forward to them every year and plan them for months in advance. When you decide to go to a summer cabin for several weeks you want to be able to use your space wisely. For some cabins you will have plenty of room. What if your cabin is smaller in size? You can make good use of the space you have by using these three tips on space saving. From the bedroom to the kitchen, use these tips to make wise decisions on how to use your space and enjoy your vacation from the fast lane.

Kitchen Savers

When you have a small kitchen it can seem like you do not have anywhere to put your pots or pans. Try hanging them over the stove area with decorative hooks. This utilizes the space you have above the stove while keeping them easily accessible to you during the cooking process. Utilize the wall space around your kitchen as well. Check into cubby holes being added in the existing walls to help you put your microwave or other appliances. Be sure to look around your kitchen area and see how you can utilize the space you are given.

Bedroom Ideas

Adding in drawers and dressers can be impossible in some bedrooms. What do you do for storage then? Consider under bed storage. You already have the bed in there so why not add drawers under there? You can also add in storage containers to keep bed linens, clothes and other items in your room while leaving the room space open. Some bed units even come with these storage items under them already. This will help keep everything in one place and give you plenty of room in your small cabin bedroom.

Another way to save room in a small bedroom is by using bunk beds. This is great if you have more than one child that would need to use the room. You can also try cabin beds for children online. They are traditionally used for saving space in smaller bedrooms. These are raised beds that have storage underneath them. They are perfect for those trying to save space and add the most storage possible in a small room. You can easily choose one that fits your child’s personality and likes. This adds a touch of style while giving you storage options for your small summer cabin.


Try adding storage over the toilet area. There are several types of shelves that are beautiful additions to the room while adding needed storage. You can easily find these in several home improvement stores. They can add a touch of class while holding your bathroom necessities.

There are all sorts of way to improve your storage while saving space in your smaller summer cabin. If you plan on staying for several weeks at a time it is important you check some of these items out. The bunk beds or cabin beds are great additions to a child’s room. They can offer you storage and more place to sleep while keeping part of the room open. Check these tips out and put them to use when you are planning your next summer getaway!

Author Bio:

Tess Young is a seasoned writer that has an interest in decorating her home and making the most out of the space given. She looks for tips and hopes her tips can help others do the same.You can buy cabin beds for children online. These cabins can be traditionally used for saving space in smaller bedrooms.