Whether it is physical damage or logical damage to your system that is causing the problem, losing data is daunting unless you know where to go for a solution. It does not have to be top secret and confidential information for it to cause serious difficulties in the everyday running of your business.

You should be regularly backing up your data of course, but that still doesn’t mean there won’t be a time lag where current work can be lost. If you haven’t done a backup in recent times then you potentially have a real problem on your hands. There are statutory returns to think about, never mind your sales and purchase ledgers.


When a problem occurs it may not be clear what has happened, particularly if your company doesn’t have an IT expert. It is potentially an emergency so you should get an expert and one whose skills can handle almost anything.


Search engine search

The quickest way to get help is by a search on the Internet for a specialist. If you go to Google or Yahoo and input the phrase hard disk recovery you will be given a list of alternatives that can solve your problem. You may need to qualify the search by including a regional location ideally. That is the way to find someone in your proximity that can respond quickly.

This is the worst scenario and the problem may be something less serious but as they say you will be ‘covering all bases’ by getting an expert that can do pretty much anything.

When it comes to retrieval of information you will get an idea of the company to select by looking on its website. A business uses its website to explain its services and try to get across its expertise in the content. Where there are testimonials to support its previous success you are on the right lines and should make contact immediately.


What is the problem?

If the problem turns out to be permanent disk failure, it takes the best expert to be able to help. There are companies that will say that there is nothing that can be done; that is because they themselves haven’t the advanced techniques that can be used. Sometimes companies like this will pass the problem on and accept their limitations.

You are likely to be in a completely alien field and need to rely completely on the specialist but those testimonials can give you some assurance that things are not as bad as they may seem.  If there is physical damage, there is likely to be some loss and it is a matter of minimising that loss. If there is also logical damage that is the first thing to remedy before proceeding.

There are a number of techniques that can be used and you must rely on the professional experience you have employed to decide what the best way to go forward is and let the company go ahead.