Your happiness, relaxation and even your sexual appetite can be strongly influenced by the types of food you eat. The satisfaction after a nice meal could even result in a feeling of true happiness. Extensive studies have indicated that the production of certain neurotransmitters (“mood chemicals”) in your brain can be can be influenced by specific substances in the food we consume. Our brain is using these neurotransmitters in communicating with other parts of our body. This process has an effect on our concentration, our mood and levels of energy. These neurotransmitters should be really taken into account when we think of food, and nowadays we fortunately understand more about how certain foods will have an impact on how we can improve our feeling of happiness.
Below you find an infographic that might help you in deciding on your next meal.

This helpful and nice infographic by a leading food ordering website in the United Kingdom shows how our brain could be affected by consuming certain food ingredients. And the good thing is that, if you order food, you won’t have to worry about groceries or cooking and that your favored food will be brought right to your doorstep. Order food from and enjoy it!