The culinary arts continue to remain as one of the strong career field because food never goes out of fashion. It includes all the things such as general food preparation, cooking, hospitality management and baking. It is certainly an interesting career field who likes to cook.

You’ll learn the terminology and techniques related to beverage and food preparation while studying culinary arts. After completing the studies, you will be able to prepare drink and food in a way that not only looks good, but also tastes fantastic.

Earning a culinary degree is way more than just earning a ticket of a job as a chef in hotels and restaurant. There are lots of opportunities for people who are interested in this field. According to the survey done by the National Restaurant Association in 2005, there will be job openings for 13 million people in this field.

Some of the most common professions in culinary arts are:

Chefs: A Chef supervises kitchen staff, prepares food, and designs menus, meals and dishes. The job of a chef may vary depending on the place where he works. The level of responsibility also determines his nature of work.

Bakers: Bakers produce pastries, cakes, donuts, bread and other various sorts of desserts. They cater to the sweet tooth. Their major job is to make the delights as beautiful as possible. Bakers usually specialize in specific desserts.

Caterers: These are the professionals who prepare and deliver meals to certain events or sites – such as special meeting, banquet, or party. The workspace of caterers is not limited to a specific restaurant.

Food Service Managers: Food service managers play the role of supervisors and managers. They need to have specialized knowledge on demands of the food service industry, specific health requirements and business practices.

5 Easy Steps to a Culinary Career


  1. First, be clear of all the options available for you. Do some research which types of culinary arts training will suit with your way of life. You can go for culinary arts education online if you are looking for flexible and easy way to earn a degree and enter in this field.
  2. What do you want to be? Is your dream becoming a baker, chef, caterer or work in other sectors of this field? Make sure you do some research about your preferred field before enrolling in an online education program.
  3. You will get to learn the theory needed for a culinary career, including topics such as hygiene, food science, safety and cost control in an online culinary arts program. But there are some important things you need to keep in mind. You need to make sure the program offers practical hand-on training for cooking some of the desserts such as pastries.
  4. Work in a restaurant or consider an internship to complement your education. This will help you to get on the job experience.
  5. Research for available job opportunities while you are taking the online culinary program. You’ll be ready for this profession once you complete your training.

Author Bio: Harold Peterson is a career counselor and blogger. He has written lots of articles relating to culinary arts careers. Read more of his articles to know about this field in detail.