When it comes to women jewelries, personalized name necklaces are the latest in trend. Such necklaces are not only unique, but extremely fashionable too! Such necklaces go with simply any chic accessory. Today’s women love to put such a name necklace around their neck as these jewelry pieces are very stylish, elegant and available in a wide range of designs. Whether it’s a formal office party or a wedding party, you can wear a name necklace on any occasion. Apart from personal use, these necklaces can also be used as gifts. Be it your friend or your fiancé, you can surely gift your loved one a name necklace on her birthday.

Keeping increasing demand for name necklaces, many jewelry merchants have come up with huge selection of these jewelry items in difference metals like silver, gold etc. It all depends on your choice and budget that which metal you would prefer to be used for your necklace. Gold name necklaces are undoubtedly the most sought after, but silver necklaces are also in demand. Name necklaces are available in different designs and some of them are mentioned below.


  • Mothers Jewelry – This could be a perfect gift for the would-be mothers.
  • Acrylic necklace – This piece of necklace is in vogue and suitable for the teens.
  • Sparkling necklace – This type of name necklaces can be worn by any woman from any age group. They are preferred for glittering and shiny look.
  • Double place necklaces – This type of necklaces look very elegant, gorgeous and chic.
  • Heart shaped necklaces – These necklaces are perfect gift for anniversary or Valentine’s Day.

Gold and silver – most sought after metals for name necklaces

When it comes to customized metal name necklaces, both gold and silver are in great demand. These two metals are widely used not only for name jewelries, but also for any type of personalized jewelry items. They are easy to clean and maintain. Moreover, a silver or gold necklace remains such as it is for a lifetime. You may cast any shape and design on these metals to personalize your necklace owing to their strength and durability.

Latest variety of gold name necklaces

Nowadays, dazzling white gold necklaces are also available in the market. They look even more stunning and modish than traditional gold necklaces. Although these pieces of gold jewelries are a bit expensive, yet these can be the best way to compliment women who love simplicity blended with inimitability.

Gold name necklaces – Easy to maintain

Maintenance of gold jewelries is easier than any other metal-jewelry. To clean your gold name necklace, you can use a branded gold care product. Branded cleaners are more expensive than over-the-counter unbranded cleaning products, but you can be rest assured about their quality. They won’t cause damage or scratches to your jewelry. You may ask your jeweler to recommend a product to clean the jewelry. Keep your necklace wrapped with soft jewelry tissue when not in use. You may also use soft cotton or silk cloth to keep it from scratches. A jewelry box is another good option for keeping your gold necklace.

Author’s Bio – Lopez Genelia is a reputed fashion-jewelry blogger. She writes for renowned jewelry sites like ONecklace.com. Her jewelry related write-ups widely read by women of all ages and tastes.