images (91)Certification adds your qualification extra moons and ensures your recruitment on the job you wish to get. Cisco brings another catchy job based certifications for all the job seekers in the field of IT profession. Cisco certified network professional CCNP gives you credits on the grounds on planning and implementing any network design, to verify and troubleshoot as well. This certification course tells that the trainee or the certified person has the capability to design and route a particular network. Along with this he/she is also capable of verifying and troubleshooting any difficulties and challenges if one faces during the process. The pre requirement for this certification is one year experience from any CCA certification.

There are three exams that are conducted in CCNP certification and these are based on the fundamentals of network professionalism:
1. Routing- this is based on implementation of routing.
2. Switch- this is based on implementation of switching of networks.
3. Troubleshooting- this is based on troubleshooting and management of IP networks.


Under this training the trainees are taught the implementation of Cisco IP routing. The experts or the Cisco training partners present a 5 hour training course. Here the trainees are a year experienced from a CCNP course and are ready to design and implement more complex network designs. They are made to verify and implement the best possible routing protocols for any network. Hence, are taught with the latest and best possible means of routing protocols.


This is same as like route course, but the contents taught are different. This is also an instructor based learning process for 5 days and trainees are professionalized with the topics that would make them pass the CCNP exam. Here the trainees are taught with the switching of VLAN’s and WLAN’s and also integrate the video and voice traffic features in the campus networks. They have a certain set of modules so that they can firstly learn to analyze campus network design and then try to design and implement VLAN’s into it. Then in those VLAN’s span trees are implemented. Using the latest technological multilayer switches, the networks are incorporated with the switching aspect also.


The last in the CCNP curriculum is the troubleshoot task. It incorporates the planning and maintaining the complex network based on routing and switching and neatly they are taught with the troubleshooting techniques and are provided with the hand-on experience in the labs so that they can get versed with the troubleshooting parameter.
With the completion of all the above mentioned practice and training programs, any person can easily clear and pass the CCNP exam and can get themselves certified with CCNP certification. This certification will let you prove your technical capabilities in front of any organization in which you wish to get a job. Since all the important parameters are covered in the curriculum of the certifications hence this certification values a lot more than any other certification and gives you an extra benefit from your other competitors.

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