This accounting software is intended to systematize and simplify accounting tasks. The functions of register and process the historical transactions generated in a business or productive activity: the functions of purchases, sales, accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory control, balance sheets, production of articles, payroll, etc. You only should enter the required information, such as accounting policies, income and expenses, and make the program to perform the necessary calculations.

This accounting software for business, has applications in the cloud, and integrates: leadership, management and control in your company.

They say that this online business management system is ideal, since it keeps information available 24 hours, regardless of the place or the time. Just connect your computer or mobile device to the Internet.

Among the accounting programs, this ERP system, necessary to all needs and budgets. They are applications in the cloud, which integrate direction, management and control of his company, which makes it more than accounting software.

He has accounting and tax management with automatic involvement of accounts, automatic calculation of tax and VAT, magnetic media and supports for DIAN. It is a precise ERP decision

Throws: Statistical, financial reports and graphics that will help you make effective decisions about your business. This ERP cloud is a complete system of business management on the Internet.

For industrial companies, this accounting software, would provide the opportunity to create a sheet where relate the different components of raw materials or goods that make up a finished product. He makes others, job costing and inventory based on this tab discharging processes.

Provides a complete financial analysis of your company, in a single click: liquidity indicators, acid test, indebtedness and profitability, among others.

Manages projects and investments and organizes your company to centers of costs, income or expense. It creates different cost centers, of who wish to have more detailed information of the behavior of a project.

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