The size of the breast or any other deformity in the shape can really be traumatizing for a women because it is a related to the feminine factor of a women. There are a large number of women who were shy to go for such implants but with growing popularity of these surgeries and also the success rate, breast implants surgery in Oregon specially have gone high.

Types Of Breast Implant Surgery In Oregon Area

According to plastic surgeon in Eugene area, there are different types of breast depending on the size of the breast, the age and the need of the respective individual. But the most popular among these are firstly Saline Implants and secondly Silicone Implants

Saline Implants

As the name suggests the saline breast implants are those which are filled with saline water. It is a biological concentration of salt water. It has been in vogue for quite a long time but earlier complains were that of leakage and breakage which was problematic. Made  room temperature vulcanized shells (RTV) which are actually carved out of silicon elastomer the modern day saline implants are quite trustworthy and the success rates of the surgeries are quite high.

Silicone Implants

The outer cover and the gel inside in this kind of implant is made out of silicone. The reason why silicone implants are popular is mainly because of the inherent qualities of the element. They are bio-friendly, flexible, and reliable and there is extreme ease in sterilizing it. The implants in most cases are prefilled but there may be a requirement of a long incision for placing the implant. Even if they rupture it would not evident in a few days. hence most surgeons are of the opinion that it is important to go for an MRI test to check whether there are any ruptures or not.

Other Types Of Breast Implants

  • Textured Implants: they have rough surfaces and are intended to stay at the same place. Movement of the implant within the breast is not possible after the surgery.
  • Smooth Implants: they have a smooth surface and there is room for movement of the implant.
  • Round Implants: this does not have a proper orientation.
  • Shaped Implants: there are various shapes of implants according to choices and preferences. This is limited for those going for saline implants.

One has to go for a lot of consultation with the doctor about the changes one wants for the breasts. Never do such surgeries in a hurry.

Hi! I am Patricia Clark, a model by profession. I had a problem of smaller breast for which I consulted a plastic surgeon in Eugene area. I had undertaken the breast implants surgery in Oregon almost a year ago. Today I feel very confident and happy with my figure.