If you have ever been away with the boys, or with the girls, you will know that by the end of the break a great bond has been made between everybody on the trip. Even people who you hardly knew have suddenly become great friends and you know that from here on you will always be close. Wouldn’t it be nice if you felt the same way about the people you work with? If Barbara in accounts was a real buddy like Tim in sales you might find it easier to ask her for those figures that you are still waiting for. Perhaps it is time that you asked an event agency to do something to help you all become BFFLs.

Now as a company you might think that you could organize your own events and you don’t need the help of an event agency. You might well be right and you could probably hash something together that some of the staff might enjoy. But if some of the staff have not enjoyed themselves then you are doing more harm than good. All you are doing here is creating bridges between staff members that will become a problem when you get back to the office.

So to do a job properly you need to get in the experts and an event agency is just that. You wouldn’t try to service the fleet of company vehicles in house so why try to organize an event. An event agency knows everything that is out there and they also know how to make sure that the event they organize hits the right note every time.

You may have been on team building exercises before and found them to be a bit dull. I remember once being lectured for hours on end by an international rugby player on the intricacies of scrummaging. Needless to say we all left that event in a worse state than when we had arrived and it took a good few hours at the hotel bar to get things back on track. Apparently the company MD was a big fan of rugby and thought that this lecture would help us sell more advertizing space.

If he had asked an event agency (in Danish the term is Eventbureau) to organize everything I’m sure it would have been a whole lot better. You see they still do the old fashioned “building a bridge whilst blindfolded” routines, but they also offer other wonderful experiences. Sometimes they will even jet a group off to a far away country to see a pop group or a sporting event, just like those girls and boys holidays that we have such fond memories of.

By recognizing what makes a company tick, an event agency can perfectly design a package that will please everybody and the result is a team that works much better together. No more individuals and small groups, just one big happy family that helps each other to the common goal.

Now that is an event that I would like to attend.